A Birthday Tribute to Laurel Holloman

Happy Birthday, Laurel!

We just wanted to express our deeply held admiration for your talent as an actress. We thank you for giving us so much pleasure and joy while watching you on the big and small screen, and – for those lucky few – the New York stage. Thank you for all the memorable characters you have brought to life so far with such delicacy and power: Randy, Samantha, Laurie, Justine, and Tina, to name but a few.

Thank you, Laurel, for being so gracious with your fans. Thank you for being dedicated to The L Word, and for your numerous appearances at book signings, events, and conventions. Thank you for being an advocate for the gay community. Thank you for your efforts to support humanitarian causes that help those less fortunate, benefit all of us in the long run, and really do make the world a better place.

We wish you the best on your birthday, and every day. We wish you and your family well. We wish you the best in whatever acting, advocacy, or other projects you undertake now and in the future. We will be there supporting and applauding you.

The section entitled “For Laurel” contains the full text of our tribute. We invite all of Laurel’s fans to contribute their own words, artwork, music, photos, and/or videos to this birthday blog. Any contribution, no matter how large or small, is always welcome!

To add your birthday wishes for Laurel, please click on the word ‘comments’ at the top of this post. You can also click here.


359 Responses to A Birthday Tribute to Laurel Holloman

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hoping to see you in many more projects. Praying I get to meet you one day

  2. Anonymous says:


    i want to say it has been and joy and pleasure watching you on the L Word. you have helped me in so many ways and i know you have helped others out there. you are a very beautiful actress and i hope one day that i can meet you in person and thank you for everything you have done for everyone.
    i hope you have a happy birthday and looking forward to season 6 and many more.


  3. Kappa79 says:

    Dear Laurel,

    First off all congrats with your baby-girl! Going off-topic already, forgive me..

    Congrats with your b-day…Hope you have a nice day..

    Thanks for being the person you are… You keep inspiring me to do better in life..Hope to see more from you after TLW!

    With all my love i greet you!

    All the way from the Netherlands,

    Grtz K.

  4. Jackie Entrekin says:

    Congrats on your daughter; Happy birthday. I feel like your big sister; at least older (way). You are loved and admired by many.

  5. Michelle says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel! I’m sure you’ve heard this already, but thank you for helping me discover more about myself. Your character Tina helped me to understand and come to terms with who I am. Because of her I’m happier and aware that love can overcome anything. Here’s wishing you many wonderful birthdays and congratulations on your new baby girl!

  6. 01XCI_UF says:

    I was looking through Birthday Poems and this is the one I feel that express my feelings…

    “Another Year

    I’m wishing you another year
    Of laughter, joy and fun,
    Surprises, love and happiness,
    And when your birthday’s done,

    I hope you feel deep in your heart,
    As your birthdays come and go,
    How very much you mean to [us],
    More than you can know.”

    Happy Birthday Laurel! May God bless you and your family for eternity. I first saw you on The L Word and you have a new fan in me 🙂

  7. anaknitetangpulah says:

    Wishing you and you family all the best in the world.

    much love

  8. Lisa (Fall01) says:

    Dear Laurel,

    On a continous journey…your work has inspired me in so many ways.

    I hope that you have an amazing birthday Laurel.
    I wish for you love, peace, kindness, success and truth in everything you touch.
    I am sure that your children will be hugged, cherished and loved forever…and I wish them peace thoughout their lives.
    I believe that your soulfulness, kindness and free spirit… plays an intricate part of heavens healing plan for humanity.

    Looking forward to all of your future endeavors, I will be a fan forever.
    Happy Birthday and God Bless.

  9. Bea says:

    Hi Laurel.

    So yeah, I just wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY along with everybody else.
    I remember you as Randy Dean, way back when, and back then I had the biggest crush on you! I’m just saying.
    I love the way you’ve portrayed Tina during the past 5 seasons of The L Word, even through the not so gay times, but you came back with a bang this season! I loved the selfconfidence your character gained this season, long overdue, and the way you carried the character through the whole season was refreshing and solid!
    Thank you for being you. Can’t wait to see what your next project will be after The L Word.

    Love to you and your family.

  10. Sheri says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel

    Congratulations to you and your family on your newest addition. Hope to see you at L5. I’ve been a fan from day one, and you truly bring life to Tina, thanks for 5 great seasons on The L Word

  11. Jane says:

    Hi Laurel…….i just hope you’re happy. because of your amazing acting and great personality, i’ve become a devoted fan of yours. i actually feel as though i know you….what?……..no i will not be knocking on your door hoping for an invite – but if you’re ever in nyc……..I wish you a very happy birthday. may it be special and may you be surrounded by your loving husband, daughter, family and friends while you celebrate!

  12. Angelica says:

    Laurel i think you are a wonderful woman and that you have a great heart. I wish you a very happy birthday and a lot of happiness for your beautiful family

  13. Laurel desejo a você tudo de mais positivo neste mundo…Eu verdadeiramente admiro seu trabalho como atriz e em especial a construção da personagem Tina Kennard.

    Parabéns Laurel e que você realize muitos trabalhos significativos para você e para seu público.

    Muitos no Brasil estão constantemente acompanhando seus passos profissionais. E tenho a certeza que também compartilham comigo a admiração e carinho dados a você.

    Luciana Sarno AKA: PehNoir/Niloufer


    Laurel wishes to you all for more positive in this world … I really admire his work as an actress and in particular the building of character Tina Kennard.

    Congratulations Laurel and you realize many significant work for you and for your audience.

    Many in Brazil are constantly monitoring their professional footsteps. And I’m sure you also share with me the admiration and affection given to you.

    Luciana Sarno AKA: PehNoir/Niloufer

  14. Ann says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel! It has been an absolute pleasure watching you on the L Word. From the first moment I met Tina, I was hooked on the show. I wish you much more success in your next projects (hope to see you in another groundbreaking series in the future). You are one of the most authentic people I have ever come to know and your kindness, your optimistic approach to life and humility — inspire me. I wish you all the best and thank you so much for Tina. I am such a fan!!

  15. katiegirl says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel! It’s been an honor to have the oppurtunity to watch you on TLW. Thank you for being so generous and gracious with your fans. Thank you for being an advocate for the gay community and supporting our causes. You’re truly an inspiration.
    Much continued success to you. Congratulations on the addition to your family. Love and respect to you always.

  16. Lori says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel!

    You made this season on the L Word a great spectacle. You are one of the loveliest actresses out there, and.. no one has really sad this.. but I’ve not seen anyone (!) do love scenes with the kind of finesse and wholeness and perfection that you have. You know the art of being a woman, you are potent and magical.

    Love and happiness to you and your family.

    with gratitude,

  17. DeeDee says:

    Happy B-Day Laurel we love you .

  18. Frankie says:

    妳知道一些海外華人也喜愛妳嗎? 不懂中文沒關係,我們的心是那麼地關切著妳;無論妳是在劇中或著戲外,因為妳也有一顆慈善的心.
    願一切安好 以及
    生日快樂(Happy Birthday)!!


  19. Lisa V. says:


    Happy Birthday and congratulations on the new addition to your family. I sincerely appreciate your commitment to the LGBT community and using your influence as a celebrity in such a positive way. You are a gifted and talented actress and I look forward your work on the L Word next year.

  20. Sofia K. says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel!

    Here in Greece our favorite wish for someone’s birthday is “Health and Hapiness”!
    I wish you and your loved ones have it both!

    You can’t imagine what an amazing work you have done on The L Word and how much you have influenced people in such a positive way!!
    Thank you so much for that!!

  21. k20001 says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel ! You are a seasoned professional who has perfected her craft to the extent of literally moving people with your performances. Not only have your keen abilities shined in the entertainment arena but your true-to-life depictions have also reached through the tv screen into many of our lives and we give you much thanks for that. Even more so than that, you are truly a beautiful person inside and out, thank you for touching our lives with all that you do. Best to you and your family always.

  22. inna says:

    Hello from RUSSIA!!!!

    Happy Birthday Laurel!

    In our country we really love you!
    You are a great actress and woman…i want to belive 🙂 unfortunately, i dont’t know you personally 🙂

    So, don’t worry, be happy!!!

    Some words in my ouwn language:
    С Днём Рождения, Желаю в этот день напиться, в своей квартире заблудиться. Друзей, родных не узнавать и не найти свою кровать!

    Пока! (Bye!)

  23. Tara says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel. You are truly an inspiration to life itself.

    You still look like you are 21!

  24. inna says:

    P.S. Sorry for my meagre English )
    You are so talented, perhaps you will learn russian 🙂

  25. Sara says:

    Hi Laurel, just wish you a great birthday, best wishes for you and your career!
    Since I knew about your adoption I appreciate you more and more 🙂
    Your acting in The L Word is fabulous!!I love tibette and I really hope to see you not only in the 6th season but also for more seasons…hoping L word will continue…
    I leave you some wishes in my language,I’m Italian 🙂

    Ciao Laurel, tantissimi auguri per il tuo compleanno!Sei bravissima e hai moltissimi fans!Spero di vederti ancora per molto nei panni di Tina!

  26. Tanya says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel and God Bless u

  27. SITALAMB says:

    HAPPY B-DAY!!!!

  28. Cathy says:

    Laurel,Happy Birthday and God Bless to you and your family.

  29. Anonymous says:

    You will never know how many people you have helped by both your work on the L Word and the way you carry yourself in public and speak out for those less fortunate. Continued blessings to you and your family and looking forward to many more years of your extraordinary work and life. Happy Birthday.

  30. Maria Bernadete Maia says:

    Laurel, you are magic!!! Happiness.

  31. Tommie Rodgers says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREL. Congradulations to your new addition. Now Lola will have a playmate. Your Husband is very lucky to have you. Enjoy your beautiful Birthday….T

  32. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel!

    You are an exquisite women in every way.

    Best wishes and congratulations on your new baby girl.

  33. Sonja says:

    Hallo from Germany

    Happy,Happy Birthday Laurel 🙂

    Best wishes and all the best for the future.

  34. Jaah says:

    Hello from Thailand.
    Happy Birthday Laurel,
    I’m so glad having this great opportunity to do something for you although it doesn’t really compare what you’ve done for us…. I wanna let you know you are the reason to makes me watch The L word…. every thing you’ve done is so amazing….Love you Laurel !!! …. Happy Happy Happy to you and your family….

  35. Jen says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel!
    You truly are the reason I watch The L Word. You bring your character to life and the storyline with Bette wouldn’t have the fanbase it has today if it weren’t for your commitment to it. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO! Have a wonderful day. Auguri e buon compleanno.

  36. Gina says:

    You’re a person with such a beautiful soul.
    Happy Birthday! You deserved the best always! We love you!

  37. Happy Birthday Laurel!

    I have been a fan, though a quiet one, from day 1 on The L Word. When Season 5 ended, I just couldn’t be ‘quiet’ anymore! You have inspired many women – gay, straight and bi – with the characters that you have portrayed. You are so incredibly talented! You move me with your performances. Just a look on your face can break my heart or just as often, bring an unmovable smile to my face.

    You have such a beautiful, sweet and generous spirit – it comes through in your acting, it can be seen in any pictures taken of you and when you do interviews or podcasts (which we, the fans, would love more of!!)

    The Doctors Without Borders cause you support has inspired me to get more involved with charity work – not just donating money, but donating time! Thank you for inspiring me to be a better human being!

    Congratulations on the adoption of your daughter! I wish you and your family much peace, love and light in your lives!

    We love you Laurel! You have a fan for life in me … I will follow wherever you may go!!

  38. A.V says:

    HI!! Laurel

    Feliz Cumpleaños ! Que Dios te bendiga a ti y tu familia. Soy tu fan # 1. Tienes un gran corazon.

    Happy Birthday! God bless you and your family. i’m your fan #1. You have a great heart.

  39. Michele says:

    Happy Birthday, Laurel!!!

    You’re a wonderful, talented actress and your devotion and generosity to your fans is much appreciated.

    Congratulations on the newest addition to your family.

    Have a GREAT one!!!

  40. Barbara says:

    Hey Laurel, You’re great keep getting amazing every day, it’s a real delight to watch such great actresses like you on tv, i’m from Portugal so i also let you know that youre success as traveled the world.
    Happy Birthday and i hope you get everything that’s good and pure because you truly deserve it…

  41. magic says:

    Dear Laurel!
    Have a very happy birthday – filled with love, friends and family!
    And warmest congratulations on the new family member.
    with lots of love and respect,
    a fan from Estonia

  42. ALESSANDRA says:

    Best wishes for your birthday,many compliments for your great work in the l word and compliments for the great and humble act to adopt a baby-girl…you are great!!

  43. Nara Rúbia says:

    Hello Laurel,
    first of all I would say that you is a fantastic actress and that its 5 th season was incredible …
    I do not expect less in 6 Season …
    Congratulations to give a irmâzinha get Lola …
    In his birthday wish you much health, peace and achievements …
    I love your work ..
    May God enlighten you and your family ..

  44. Nara Rúbia says:

    Olá Laurel,
    antes de tudo gostaria de lhe dizer que vc é uma atriz fantástica e que sua 5ª temporada foi incrível…
    Não espero menos na 6ª temporada…
    Parabéns por dar uma irmâzinha pra Lola…
    Em seu aniversário te desejo muita saúde, paz e realizações…
    Amo o seu trabalho..
    Que Deus ilumine vc e sua família..

  45. Anonymous says:

    Breithlá sona duit Laurel. Hope you have a great day. Thank you so much for the inspiring work you do on The L Word. I think you are a great actress and I wish you every success for season six of TLW and beyond. Congrats on your baby daughter and all the best to you and your family.

  46. San Okeoman says:

    Toda sorte do Mundo pra ti e tua Linda familia.
    O Brasil te Ama.
    E estamos aqui pra Provar isto.

    All happiness of the world get you.


  47. San Okeoman says:

    Here below, in Brazil we have many Tibettes.

    His work is fantastic, congratulations on brilliant performance.


  48. Vania oliveira says:

    Parabens laurel
    Te desejo muita saude,paz.
    Muitas felicidades.
    Eu te amo..
    O brasil te ama…

  49. Vania oliveira says:

    Laurel voce é uma excelente atriz,desde a primeira temporada sou sua fã.
    Voce faz um trabalho brilhante,o personagem parece ser real.
    Parabens laurel !!!!!!
    Nós te amamos.
    Tibette forever

  50. paola says:

    for someone who makes us laugh and mourn dream is a wonderful person Tanco as in real life as in his character here receives from the embrace stronger laurel of your fans happy birthday

  51. Adriana Miller says:

    Querida Laurel…

    Feliz aniversário, adoramos vc, tudo de bom nessa data tão especial…
    Beijos a vc e toda sua linda familia…

    Adriana Miller
    Rio de Janeiro

  52. San Okeoman says:

    Vamos meninas Força !!!!

    vamos deixar um monte de mensagens carinhossa pra le asaber que o BRAZIL tb a ama!!!!!!!!!1

  53. Rose Mendes says:

    Congratulations to you and much success in your life, health, peace and much love to you and your family!

    Love You!!!

  54. Vania says:

    Laurel holloman
    Parabens pelo seu aniversario,e por seu maravilhoso trabalho como atriz.
    Eu amo a personagem Tina por causa da sua brilhante atuaçao,e a verdade que voce transmite nas cenas.Me emociono muito.
    Aqui no Brazil tem muitas pessoas que amam voce…

  55. Vitrola says:

    Feliz Aniversário, em portugues mesmo, do you understand? meu inglês é horrivel, but, i like you very much, happy birthday!!!

  56. Vanessa says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel !!!!!!!
    Brazil loves you !!!!!

    Success, happiness, health, peace and love !!!!

    I love your work and perfornance…

    Have many Tibetters Lovers in Brazil !!!!

    God bless you and your family !!!!!


    Eu te amo !!!!!

    Rio de Janeiro

  57. Chase says:

    Hi Laurel,

    Happy Birthday!!!

    More success to you and to your family.

    Tibette Forever!


  58. Bette&TinaForever says:

    Happy Birthday, Laurel! Thank you for your kindness and your passion, thank you for making us laugh and cry and especially thank you for bringing Tina Kennard to life and making all Tibetters happy. Wish you all the best in your life and work!

    B&TF – Tibetter and a fan

  59. The Fan says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel!!. Wish you good health and happiness.. Your are a passionate and talented actress. Hope to see you more making movies..Keep always you’re picturesque smile..

  60. Patti (pattifloatn) says:

    To an amazing actress, woman, and now a mother of two, I would love to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You have brought joy and happiness into my life. I have spent a number of dollars investing in your body of work and hope to continue that practice for years to come. Again Happy Birthday.

  61. hunny says:

    dearest laurel,

    the first time i saw u as the tina in bette’s life, i knew that tlw will be a great show..and i’m right.

    u are surely one of the icons in that show…more power to ur craft and continue delighting ur millions of fans of your partnership with bette.

    happy birthday and wishing all the best.


  62. yamzy says:

    Dear Laurel,

    Wishing you continue success, your such an inspiration to us. Your a wonderful person, sharing and most of all the love you give to less fortunate people indeed a good example.

    I truly admire your magnificent talent. Wishing you and your family good health and more, more, more BIRTHDAY’s to come.



  63. HawaiiFan says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel! You blew up the screen in season 5 of tlw and not to mention you were smokin hot!! I wish you success in your future endeavors, happiness with your family, and to see more of your hot self in season 6 of tlw =)

  64. Donna says:

    To Laurel,wishing you a very happy birthday,congratulations on the new addition too your family. Love from a fan from the uk

  65. StormyOne says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel…You are so loved.
    Congrats on the new addition to the family.
    I Hate to see the L-Word end, when finally, Tina gets back with Bette. You two made the show, you know that right? Hope to see you in some future projects, but with two little ones It might be difficult, but I’ll be watching..
    Happy B-Day again,
    Love Stormy

  66. To Laurel on a wonderful birthday. I have been a fan since “two girls” – it was kind of my coming out movie:] You’ve done an amazing job at protraying each one of your charaters from Randy Dean to Samantha all the way to Tina. Love everything you do. Actually your the main reason I started watching the L word. I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday with many more to come. From one may baby to another

    Congrats on the new baby girl.
    – a fan from Mass

  67. Intonia says:

    Happy Birthday, Laurel! Your talent is extraordinary, and your approach to the role of Tina Kennard is fearless. For all of the entertainment you’ve brought to so many of us – and for all that you do and all that you are – thank you! I wish you all the best on your special day.

  68. Riley950 says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel!!!

    I think the greatest compliment you can give any actor is “you make me feel good.” You have made me feel good. I have been able to see all your works and have enjoyed all of them. I thought “The Rising Place” was wonderful. I would love to see “Blossom Time,” but the director tells me he hasn’t released it yet, and says it is, again, wonderful. I am hoping someday it will be released for distribution.

    Wishing you much happiness for the enjoyment you have given me.

  69. Georgina Vargas says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Hola !! yo espero que oases un día muy especial, me encanta como actuas y espero que tengas mucho exito en el futuro.

    Disfruta de la vida que solo se vive una vez..


  70. Sharon says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel and congratulations on your newest family member you made series 5 of The L Word for me your such a good actress portraying the role so that it is believable you and Jennifer have such chemistry good luck for series 6 and all future projects

  71. czacza says:

    Happy Birthday Lu!

  72. Lynne says:

    To be inspired is not easy. Love sometimes makes us write poems or do crazy things…

    But feeling a soul as gentle as yours
    seeing a smile as sweet as yours and
    knowing a spirit as free as yours
    have given the desire to become a better woman.

    You are an inspiration. You are the L in the L-Word…

    Happy Birthday L-Aurel !

  73. marvinmart52 says:

    Happiest Birthday wishes to you, Laurel! Thank you so much for your relentless pursuit and achieving of greatness in your role of Tina Kinnard! You have amazing talent and great range. It is shameful that you don’t receive the credit you deserve. Thank you again for your great work and Happy Birthday!

  74. Juliana - Brazil says:

    OLÁ, LAUREL!!! (Hello, Laurel)

    I´m a huge fan from Brazil!!! So, I´ll write in my language (Portuguese) and then i´ll try to translate in English, okay?

    FELIZ ANIVERÁRIO (Hapy birthday)!!!!!!!


    I think you´re doing an incredible job playing Tina on The L Word!!!!!! You´re a great actress, and if Tina Kennard is so amazing – as I think she is – i´m sure that a big part of it is because you´re so talented!!!!!

  75. Juliana - Brazil says:

    Just wanna congratulate you for your birthday and for your new kid!!!!!! i wish for you and all your family happiness!!!!!!



  76. Só queria dizer o quanto desejo a sua felicidade nesse dia tão especial, espero que sua vida seja repleta de saúde e paz, e que você obtenha sempre tanto sucesso como agora! Você é demais!

    E um apelo: VEM PRO BRASIL!!!!
    Muitos beijos e Parabens!
    I just wanna says how i wish your happiness in this special day! I hope that in your life you have a lot health and peace, and i wish u too much success like now on days! YOU’RE AMAZING!

    and ask you: PLEASE, COME TO BRAZIL!
    a lot of kisses, happy birthday!


  77. Vanessa says:

    Laurel !!!!!!!!!!!!
    You’re fucking amazing !!!!!!!
    I love you, baby !!!!!!
    Happy Birthday !!!!

  78. mariela says:

    feliz cumpleaños laurel, que la pases bonito en compañia d tus hijas, soy admiradora de tu serie aca desde peru,y decirte q gracias a ti, tu y jennifer hacen una linda pareja, creo q con ninguna otra actriz hubiese sido lo mismo.bueno felicidades y que sepas q aca en sudamerica tienes fans,chau.

  79. Lisa V. says:


    Not too many actresses, or people for that matter, inspire others to “rise up” and be the best they can be – to be creative, be true to themselves, to give back. Your birthday has resulted in your fans doing just that, by creating this site, submitting artwork and such, and, by donating to your chosen cause, Doctors Without Borders.

    I am one of those fans, and I want to thank you for reminding me of what is important in life.

  80. Ana says:


    love and happiness are my sincere votes for you..Congrats

    fan from Portugal

  81. Koala says:

    Happy Birthday!
    You make Tina so remarkable.
    Wish you enjoy every project!!!


  82. wildkat says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel!

    I just wanted you to know that the work you do impacts people in a profound way! I thank you for blessing us with the talent you were given, for having the courage to take on roles from which others would shy away, and for the sacrifices you make so that others might be inspired. I wish you the best personally and professionally.

    Blessings to you and your family.

  83. silviane says:

    Parabéns por esta data que é muito especial.
    Desejo que vc seja muito iluminada.
    Acho que não preciso mais falar nada mais por que todos esses elogios são tudo que desejo para vc.

  84. silviane says:


  85. tbsbj says:

    Wishing you a very happy birthday and congrats on your new baby girl. I hope you have many more happy days. Oh……..if I could only meet you for 1 minute, 60 fricking seconds….I would die a happy woman.

    Thanks for everything you do.

  86. Jezzy says:

    Wishing you very Happy Birthday and I also want to congratulate on your new baby girl, may God bless you and family for happy life.

    Keep up the good work, you are one amazing actress I ever known, thank you.

  87. noemie says:

    I wish you the best for you and your family.
    Love, love and love…this is the best!

    amour, paix, bien être, bonheur et sérénité

    French fan who lives in Reunion Island, Indian Ocean

  88. fabiol67 says:

    Merci Laurel pour tout votre altruisme et votre charisme. Je vous ai découverte dans The L Word et vous remercie … cela a étayé ma nouvelle naissance ! Merci, vraiment !
    Je vous souhaite tout le bonheur souhaité dans votre vie personnelle et d’artiste. Bien à vous !

  89. Heather says:

    Hi Laurel

    Happy Birthday, wish you the best for you and your family.

    Tina, this character brought your name in the Asian Countries. We do like you talent acting, we’ll keep on supporting

    Love, all the way from Hong Kong

  90. Patricia says:

    Happy Bday!!! I know you’ll be surrounded with lots of love from your family. I really admire your work and the way I can tell you are by watching you on your interviews. I ‘d love to have a friend like you. Love a friend…

  91. Grace says:

    Dear Laurel,

    A special birthday wish for a very special lady. Enjoy your day!

    Congratulations to you and Paul on the latest addition to your family. I’m sure your new daughter was the reason you were “glowing” at the GLAAD awards.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LuH. Have a wonderful day celebratng with your family.

    I love your characterization of Tina on the LW. You have inspired so many people.

    You are a talented and beautiful person.The kind anyone would be honored to have as a friend.
    best wishes,


  92. Pebbles70 says:

    “Birthday Blessings”

    Instead of counting candles,
    Or tallying the years,
    Contemplate your blessings,
    As your birthday nears.

    Consider special people
    Who love you, and who care,
    And others who’ve enriched your life
    Just by being there.

    Think about the memories
    Passing years can never mar,
    Experiences great and small
    That have made you who you are.

    Another year is a happy gift,
    So cut your cake, and say,
    “Instead of counting birthdays,
    I count blessings every day!”

    (by Joanna Fuchs)


    Happy birthday and many happy returns. May all your dreams come true and may you and your family stay healthy forever.

    You are such a special person and I cannot thank you enough for all the joy you have brought into my life as a straight girl by playing Tina opposite the fabulous Jennifer Beals.

    I’ve never seen a more convincing couple in TV or film history ever.

    With all my love, Susan from Switzerland

  93. Roshni says:

    i hope u have an amazin day and that this year brings u all that you wish for and much much more.
    you are an amazing woman and i hope to see you gracing our screens a lot more
    God bless you and yours

    Peace, Love and Hugs from Roshni – a fan from UK

  94. lyra says:

    happy birthday from munich, germany!
    all the best and magic wishes for you!

  95. Susan Muniz says:

    Feliz Aniversário Laurel!!

    Te desejo tudo de bom na sua vida pessoal e familiar e na sua carreira.Que você continue nos proporcionando sempre bons momentos na telinha e na telona.E que Deus te ilumine sempre!


  96. Feliz Aniversário Laurel… Novamente!

    Eu fiz algo para você… É um presente. A verdade é que criei um espaço em sua homenagem… eu acredito que é o primeiro no Brasil.

    Criei um blog (simples e amoroso) para você.

    Feliz Aniversário Laurel… Amamos você. Agradecemos a dignidade de sua interpretação em The L Word. É muito bom ver nossas histórias retratadas na TV.

    Um grande e carinhoso abraço do tamanho do Brasil!

    E se você quiser vir passar férias por aqui.. Tenho certeza que será muito bem recebida.

    Aí está o seu Blog… É o seu presente: http://laurelhollomanbrasil.blogspot.com/

    Luciana Sarno AKA: PehNoir/Niloufer


    Happy Birthday Laurel … Again!

    I did something for you … It is a gift. The truth is that I’ve created a room in your honor … I believe that is the first in Brazil.

    I created a blog (simple and loving) for you.

    Happy Birthday Laurel … We love you. We appreciate the dignity of its interpretation in The L Word. It is very nice to see our stories portrayed on TV.

    A large and loving hug the size of Brazil!

    And if you want to come here on holiday .. I’m sure we will be very well received.

    Here is your Blog … It is their present: http://laurelhollomanbrasil.blogspot.com/

    Luciana Sarno AKA: PehNoir / Niloufer

  97. ana - Brasil says:

    Laurell o seu talento valoriza os seus personagens. Você transmite verdade em tudo que faz. Parabéns! Pessoas especiais como você merece ser muito feliz!

  98. Laís says:

    Querida Laurel ;

    Vamos lá…
    Como descrever esta “Rara Mulher” no dia do seu aniversário?!

    Rara sensibilidade
    Love You!

    Você quem me presenteia neste dia 23/05, pois, hoje também é meu aniversário! Me alegro por ser absolutamente fã de uma pessoa que me identifico no olhar e na maneira de ser!

    Feliz Aniversário. Amor, Sucesso, Paz e conquistas.
    Estamos te aguardando aqui no Brasil,ok?
    Super Beijo!

    Tradução: (translation)*** *** *** ***

    Dear Laurel

    Let’s go…

    How to describe this “Rarity of Women” on the day of his birthday?


    Rare sensitivity
    Love You

    You who presents me on this day 23/05, before today is my birthday to!
    I am glad to be absolutely fan of a person that I identify in the eye and the way to be.

    Happy Birthday. Love, Success, Peace and achievements.
    We await you here in Brazil, okay?
    Big Kiss!

  99. Heather says:

    Happy birthday, Laurel! Thank you for bringing all of the characters you’ve played over the years to life. Congratulations on the newest addition to your beautiful family. I hope Lola enjoys being a big sister. 😀

    With love,
    Heather aka Lamentamini aka the “Crazy” West Virginian from L2 and L3

  100. Jackie says:

    dear Laurel,

    happy birthday to u! may all your wish come true! u’re an amazing actress and very fan-friendly!! 🙂
    thank you very much for everything that u bring to the fans!

  101. DeeDee says:

    Thank you so much for all the love you give children all around the world .

  102. melinda says:

    Happy Birthday laurel!! Hope you have a wonderful brithday. Love everthing you do! I wish you seccess in your future endeavors. You are loved by so many, keep up the great work! can’t wait to see your next project.Best of wishes to you and your family. Would love to meet you one day!GOD BLESS YOU & Many many more to come. melinda.

  103. Naty says:

    Laurel I’m from Brazil!!!

    I love you so much.

    Happy Birthday!Hope you have a wonderful brithday.
    We await you here in Brazil??
    Have a wonderful day celebratng with your family.

    Você é muito querida aqui por todos nós.

  104. karen says:

    dear laurel:
    I’m a Chinese,and i just want you to know that even in China, you still have lots of fans who love you and wish you could live happily everyday.
    Happy Birthday and best wishes to little Lola.
    We love you.:)

  105. sheray says:


    非常高兴你的家庭迎来了一位新的成员,希望你们都能健康快乐!我们都很喜欢你所塑造的Tina这个角色,非常期待你在新一季的The L Word中精彩的演出!



  106. Tarry says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel !!!

    I love your acting on the L word !!!!!

    TiBette 4-ever

  107. joyce熙 says:


    生日快乐 啊哈哈哈 “

    只想告诉你 在中国也有很多很多喜欢 TLW 喜欢你的人哦


    当然 我们也很期待TLW S6`

    希望IC不要再折磨TINA BETTE 了 哈哈“`

    anyway“`希望你和你的家人朋友 健康 快乐“

    p.s Lu啊“多拍拍电影啊 电视剧吧 想见你 真的很难啊“`

  108. Karen Chu says:


    Hi,Laurel!This is from China.
    Happy birthday!!!
    Best wishes for you and your family!

    Your performance in season 5 was just incredible!Tina is so shiny:)
    And we are sooooo glad to have Bette&Tina get back together!They really deserve that.
    Hope we can have more Tibette scenes in season 6!

    Then congradulations!You have two babe girl now!Wish you guys happy forever!!


  109. janet says:

    Happy Birthday Honey Honey food for mama B HaHaa! May only happiness come your way everyday!!! We love you Laurel!!!!


  110. lupihol says:

    Dear Laurel:
    A la buena actriz que has demostrado ser unes lo bellisima persona que eres, feliz cumpleaños y que la felicidad siempre esté en tu corazón y en el de tu familia. Lupihol

  111. Ana - Sergipe - Brasil says:

    Que os espíritos de Luzes te abençoe e te guie sempre na sua caminhada…Que você possa continuar transmitindo através do seu olhar, das suas personagens, das sua ações, muito amor e muita verdade para nós…Parabéns! Happy Birthday to Laurel!

  112. martina19002003 says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel Holloman!
    It was very beautiful to adopt a girl :).
    Good luck with everything!

  113. gabry says:

    ciao LAUREL, tanti tanti auguri di un sereno e felice compleanno. sei una splendida donna bellissima e se non abitassi così lontano da te ti farei una corte spietata e ti darei tutto l’amore che posso. ma purtroppo………..baci baci by Gabry

  114. Amy says:

    Happy birthday Laurel! Best wishes to you always!


    Amy from New York

  115. kyradaf says:

    Happy birthday laurel!thank you for the L world. you are a very good actress.
    I am from spain so I’m going to tell you something in spanish
    felicidades!me encanta the L world y espero que hagais el mejor final que se haya hecho en una serie.jennifer y tu soys las mejores!
    best wishes for you!

  116. Luz says:

    Recibe desde Mexico mil felicidades por tu cumpleaños, por el dia de las madres y por lo excelente actriz que demuestras ser en cada temporada del show TLW.
    Un abrazo,

  117. Cida says:

    Por toda alegria que você nos dá. Que o universo te recompense com muitas benças.
    São Paulo.

  118. murz says:

    Dear Laurel!

    In honour of your birthday I want say what you as actress and person mean for me.

    You inspired me to learn English afresh because I want to read about you all I can and I want to understand you when I hear yours magic voice.

    You inspired me to investigate much better in computer technologies and possibilities to communicate though it because I want to see your works, your interviews, photos and connect with the people from all different countries to talk about you.

    You motivated me to understanding what is more important in our life and in the world in general since you are supporting DWB and with your adoption.

    You encourage me be ready to go to gym one day – when you are in so good shape after childbirth, why I can’t be that good also? Not as good of course as you are (silly me), but still.

    You even stimulate my sexual life – I only have to try image you near me and my partner can do nothing special, you know 🙂

    So… what else I want to say? Oh, you distracted me from me thoughts again…

    I know, all of thouse things are not a big deal, but it’s my life and how it changed and continuing to change because of you.

    I wish you happiness which including healthy and harmonic family with the love in it, the good people around you and beloved work, many works that you like and earn with your outstanding talent.
    You deserve all of it and so much more!
    Thank you!
    Happy birthday, dear Laurel!

  119. melinda says:


  120. Sam McIntyre says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel! All the best of luck in your new additional to your family! *HUGS* I never forget L3 that I met you, you were fabbo!!

    Warm regards, Sam

  121. Sabine says:

    Dear Laurel,
    You’re such a great actress and a beautiful woman. I wish you a happy birthday, and lots of luck with your family.

  122. Rose Mendes says:

    Muitas Felicidas!!!

    Amamos você Demais, e não sem razão, pois você é muito boa em tudo que faz…
    E por ser esta pessoa maravilhosa, é que estamos aqui, para te parabenizar por este dia especial…
    Muita Saúde, Paz, Amor, Alegria…e tudo de bom pra você e tua Família!!!!

  123. Nani says:


    Parabéns por essa data, que Deus te abençoe!!!

    Adoro seu trabalho, te acho linda e além de tudo muito talentosa, sem dúvidas vc arrasa!!!

    Um boa nova pra vc e sua família e depois de TLW uma carreira linda mais promissora ainda!!!


  124. Kathleen says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel! May your special day be a happy one and I hope you have many more birthdays to celebrate in the future.

    Also, congratulations on your new addition to the family. Hope to see photos of your precious bundle soon.

    Thank you for the last 5 years on TLW. The rest of the actresses are certainly talented, but it is because of you that I watch TLW. Season 5 was awesome and I hope the last season is just as good.

    Please keep us informed of your new projects in the future.

    Happy birthday!!

  125. 4today says:

    Happy Birthday –

    Congratulations and my most heart felt wishes for you and your family on the adoption of your daughter. Capture a loving moment with your daughters everyday, they grow so quickly.
    Our children are our greatest accomplishment.

    Happy Birthday – and thank you for creating Tina. She is a gift to many people.

    Always live for peace!!

  126. Vanessa says:

    Lu !!!!!!!!!
    Brazil loves you !!!!!
    Kisses and hugs, happy birthday !!!!

    Lu !!!!!!!!!
    Brasil te ama !!!!!
    Beijos e abraços, feliz aniversário !!!!


  127. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for breathing such life into Tina these past five seasons. Best wishes for a terrific birthday with your loved ones. I look forward to seeing you in future projects.

  128. viviana says:

    soy una fanatica de laurel y disculpenme pero nose mucho escribir en ingles quiero desearle a ella un FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS y que sigan los exitos para ella..Desearia verla en otros proyectos porque de verdad es muy buena actriz…espero que lo lean alguns de sus partes y felicitaciones otra vez desde “VENEZUELA” I LOVE YOU LAUREL

  129. viviana says:

    hello laurel im fan of venezuela and want wich happy bihrtday,excuse me in spanish desde venezuela una fanatica q te admira mucho very very much

  130. Sam says:

    Birthday Greetings from Germany!
    Laurel, I don´t know you. But I can say that I´m in Love with Tina. That was Love by the first sight; She is a dream and I´m crazy about her! But I will never understand the relationship (Love?)with Bette. She´s terrible and…kick her ass, she don´t deserve you. You will see that Bette breaks out again. Once a cheater always a cheater! She is a boring slut, just like Shane, absolutely repugnant! Bä…
    I wish you all the best,healthiness, a lucky life and God will bless you, always

    Sammi from Heidelberg/Germany

  131. oberie says:

    Hello from France
    Happy Birthday Laurel
    You are an amazing actress and a sexy Lady.
    We sincerely hope to meet you one day in Paris !!
    Best wishes for you and your family.
    Paris, France

  132. Charline says:

    happy birthday Laurel
    I love TheLWord
    We love you and Jennifer Beals

  133. Deb says:

    Hey Laurel,

    Well, Happy Birthday! I’ve watched you throughout the years on TLW. You are amazing. You had the most fabulous season in Season 5. BRAVO! Despite not necessarily enjoying the direction that IC took you throughout S2 – S4, you stuck it out! So happy to see you and JB interacting so much in S5……

    Congratulations on your recent adoption as well. You’re a terrific mom and terrific actress.

    To many more birthdays! Deb

  134. SUSANA says:


  135. irishrunner38 says:

    Well I hope you have a very nice birthday. Thank you for making the L Word so good and believable. Congrads on the new addition to your family . I am sure you are a great mom.
    Enjoy your birthday.


  136. Heather says:

    Happy Birthday!

    You encourage all of us. . . Have a wonderful birthday and we’re all excited for the sixth season! You rock!


  137. Natalie says:

    Dear Laurel,

    I just want to say, I’ve always loved Bette and Tina together, but after seeing season 5, I just love Tina that you portrayed so well. (of course I still love Bette and Tina together so please please don’t let IC break them up) I can’t wait to see more of you as Tina in S6.

    Also, I want to wish you a very happy birthday and congratulation with the new addition in your family.

  138. Anonymous says:

    Ola Laurel ,
    Muitas Felicidades!!!
    Laurel acho vc linda ,voce é uma excelente atriz,sou sua fã desde a 1 vez que havi.
    Voce faz trabalhos brilhante,os personagem parecem real.Em WHE L WOLD então nossa vc esta apaixonante, vc é minha musa inspiradora!!
    Parabens laurel !!!!!!
    eu te amo.

  139. madelin says:

    HAPPY B DAY!!!!!!!

  140. DirtyDeals says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel Holloman,
    Been a fan since ‘Two Girls in Love’ being a fellow southerner, I asked myself who was these gutsy actors who not only tackled the lesbian theme but the racial theme. It has been a pleasure to watch your craft over the last couple of years. Walking us through the ups and down of Tina Kennard. It will be a sad day after the last L Word episode, but I can not wait to see what other wonderful characters you will bring us in future.

    So Happy Birthday as all my best,
    DD =)

  141. Rosamartin says:

    Happy Birthday,Laurel Holloman.And congrats for the addition to your family.

  142. DMac says:

    Happy B-day to an underrated, hard-working, and talented actress. No doubt more to come after the L-Word. Enjoy your day!

  143. Zoro says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel from France !!!
    You are an amazing actrees !!!
    Gros bisous français

  144. nancy arias says:

    hola laurel eres una gran actriz y hoy quiero desearte por adelantado un feliz y maravilloso cumpleaños. t.q.m

  145. Jenn says:

    Greeting From San Antonio Texas!! Happy Birthday Laurel we love in the Lword wish that the show didnt have to end Congrats on the new baby girl have a great bday cant wait for the 6th season love ya

  146. Regina says:


  147. TiBetteForever says:


    These are our efforts to show you how you’ve touched our lives with your work. Thank you for all that you’ve put into TLW. I hope that you had a fantastic birthday!

    Much love,


  148. cleide says:

    happy birthday dear laurell from BRAZIL!!!!
    We love you!!!!

  149. Laurel, Happy Birthday you´r the best and so beautiful, we love you from MÉXICO. I represent part of what fans you have here, so we will pass well and enjoy your day.

  150. Debbie says:


    Happy birthday to a wonderful lady. Have a great day.

  151. Maria says:


    I, like hundreds of your fans, want to wish you a happy birthday. In reading what the rest have said, I am in agreement with them as to your talent and how you portray your roles. I have to admit that I had not seen any of your other roles and Tina Kennard was the firs role I saw you in and I was mesmerized by your character. I have now seen some of your other works and I am in awe at your portrayal of the different roles you have assumed.

    I know that you are someone special and I hope that you have the best birthday in the presence of your loved ones and remember that there are many fans out there(including myself) that adore you and your work.

  152. nikkie says:

    Hi Laurel!!
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear Laurel

    It´s a pity that you can´t hear my voice when i sing this for you….although….i think you´re better of this way…haha

    Have a GREAT DAY….and if you are planning a visit to the Netherlands….I will guide you through Amsterdam….just let me know!Take the whole family with you!

  153. Maui says:

    Muchisisisimas felicidades Laurel!

    Que Dios te colme de Bendiciones siempre…. Eres una gran Actriz y me encantaria que esta serie no terminara nunca!

    Happy Birthday to You!

  154. Maïkou says:

    From France :

    I wish you a very happy birthday to your 37 year old and all the best in your life, today and every day of year. A birthday it’s like a flower, that lasts only a few hours but that leaves in the heart a good memory. And I wish you one day made of small nothing, where all will be only happiness.
    Six months ago, I didn’t know who you are. Now, I just wanted to express you my admiration and my respect. Wow ! Beautiful performance. I really shared Tina’s joy and sorrow during these 5 great seasons on TLW. Year after year, you are more and more talented and attractive. It’s always a pleasure to view over and over your movies, hear your voice… So in future, I hope to see you much more on the big or small screen.
    Big kiss and again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREL.

  155. Tulips4u says:

    Laurel, I wish you a very Happy Birthday and want to offer you and your family congratualtions on your new baby girl.

    I mostly familiar with your work on the L Word. You are what hooked me on it and you are what has kept me interested, Your portrayal of Tina has been wonderful. Even when you have been asked to play your part that didn’t seem to fit Tina, you have strived to understand and do the very best you possibly could.

    Thanks for being so gracious and generous to your fans. We were missing you this spring, but we had no idea what wonderful even was taking place.

    I think it is a real testament to you to see the posts here from all over the world.

    I wish you many blessings and continued happiness throughout the year.

    I am one of your “older” fans who appreciate your wonderful acting that has expanded my dreams!!

    Best Wishes

  156. larissa says:

    happy birthday!
    you are such an incredibale woman and we all love you so much!i wish you all the best for you and your family!

    germany loves you!

  157. Bronwyn says:

    Have an amazing birthday all the way from South Africa… Looking forward to seeing you in tons more inspirational movies and tv shows


  158. Maryna says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you will have an wonderful day and many more to come God bless you on this day. Hope that you will be spoiled they you could be spoiled. 🙂

    Stay the person you are great and keep on smiling.


  159. nita says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel may you have many many more. Love you on the L Word!!:)

  160. Anonymous says:

    Hi Laurel!

    Fist and foremost, I wish you a happy, happy 37th birthday and all the best for your life, present and future, your baby-girl, and your whole family.

    Living in Italy, I don’t know if I’ll ever get the chance to meet you in person, that’s why I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to send you a message here: thank you so much for your work , your committment to the characters you play, your opennness about being a bisexual and everything you do for the GLBT community.

    I’ve always been a loyal Tina fan (even though I started watching The L Word right in the middle of season 3, so, well…), and I’ve finally had the chance to check out the other movies you’ve played in only recently: again, thank you for the passion, the amazing talent you have, and the hard work.

    PS. I know you liked the Hollywood storyline and the “bookend” theory in season 5, hope you enjoy filming season 6 as well – all Tibetters can’t wait for it already!

  161. Bea says:

    Oops, I was getting emotional and I forgot to put my name on the message I just sent!
    Love from Italy!

  162. Heya Laurel!;0)X Greetings from England!;0) Howz life treating U?…Many Congrats for your Birthday Chicka!;0)XX I wish U a whole world of good luck,health,wealth,happiness & pure unconditional LOVE,ALWAYS!!XX
    Many Congrats also,on your new baby girl,who I’m sure,like her big Sister Lola,is just a beautiful lil honey!!<3 Together,they will fill your lives,with nothing but pure sunshine!!;0)May God bless them both,ALWAYS!!XX
    TIBETTE FOREVER!!!<3 You’re just pure HOT DYNAMITE TOGETHER!!!;0P Totally made for each other!!! So,just stay together,PERIOD!!! OK…?!! & AMEN to that…!!;0) LOL!…You’re a TOTAL BABE,LAUREL!!X<3 Jennifer,is one of the most stunning Women of the World,to ever grace our planet…!!X<3 You’re both just a TOTAL MUST!! & Most definitely,put the W into WOW!!!;0P God Bless U Both ALWAYS!!XX
    In a nutshell,Tina & Bette’s relationship,basically ‘mirrors’mine & my gf’s,in so many ways!! My gf,’plays’ the role of Bette,while I portray a brunette,olive skinned ‘version’ of Tina,minus the filming job,of course…!!;0) LOL! We’ve been together just over 8 years now,have 3 totally beautiful teenage Daughters,(to whom,I’m the biological Parent)have ‘split’ up a couple of times over the years,but despite all of lifes trials & tribulations that have been thrown our way & against all the odds,we’ve managed to come thru it all together as a family,still smiling & becoming much wiser,betta people for all the lessons we’ve learned on our journey,down this ‘rocky’ road we call: LOVE…!!!;0) WE’RE VERY PROUD,OF WHO WE ARE!!!;0) Most importantly of all,we’re still CRAZILY IN LOVE & KNOW that,we’re sooooooo TRULY BLESSED,to still have that…!!!<3
    What You & Jennifer actually portray on The L Word,is the very TRUE REALITY of relationships,like mine!!! We CAN relate to absolutely everything you’re going thru!! We share all your highs & lows & feel,every single emotion!!! We smile a thousand smiles & cry a thousand tears,with U!!! What You & Jennifer do….U DO SOOOOOOOOOO AWESOMELY WELL!!!! You TOTALLY ROCK!!!<3 So,just DON’T EVER STOP DOING IT,WILL YOU…?!;0)XX

    GOD BLESS THE L WORD & ALL WHO ‘SAIL’ IN HER!!! The WORLD’S GLBT communities,are sooooo TRULY BLESSED,HONOURED & THANKFUL,to be realistically & respectfully represented,by so many beautiful,talented,actresses/actors!!<3x x x — XXX


    Finally,I raise my ‘glass’ in a toast,to EVERYTHING I’ve said here!!

    I hope your Birthday,will be filled with Sunshine,Laughter,Family,Friends,LOVE &….LOADSA HUGE HUUUGGGZZZ & XXXXXXXX!!@–>–

    DON’T ‘BEHAVE’…!!;0) LOL!
    Take Care & (Don’t ‘forget’ to call me,ok…?!;0)LOL!)
    All My Love & Respect,To You & Yours!!XXXXX

  164. Hi Laurel- I hope you had a box of kleenex sitting next to you when you read these-I read a lot of them 14,17,92 were particulary good. Happy birthday-it must be an amazing energy feeling to know you are loved by soooo many people. You and Jennifer are amazing together specially in the love scenes-you have me totally convinced. If you ever need a place to get away consider Harbor Springs MI.-it is a small town with a large resort population-a place you can get lost in. I was in Hollywood in Nov. in 2006 when my eldest was doing an intership at the library at UCLA. With children 6 and 2 My daughter Leslie and Michael flew from Maine to LA. My god how does anyone survive the 405?? It is fun to see all the sights again–

  165. AMBRA says:

    HAPPY B-DAY LU ! :*:x

  166. LVtheLW says:

    Happy birthday, Laurel! TTTIIINNNAAA!! 🙂
    Enjoy your special day and hope your wishes come true. Thank you for the amazing work you continually do. Your talent is immeasurable. Love, good health, and happiness to you and your family, always!

  167. Mandy says:

    Hi Laurel! I want to greet you happy birthday and wish you all the BEST in life. I did not have time to watch the L Word after my partner gave birth to a baby girl. I was just so pre occupied with her and my role as the other half to love and care for our little princess. Then a few weeks ago,I watched your shows, songs and intimate moments with Bette on the YouTube. And you made me fall in love again in a passionate way! I thought you were one of us and it made me admire you more to realize that you are just acting… damn very good actress. I fell in love with you as Tina. the way you kissed, the way you hold the face of Bette and those moments that you were intimate with Bette (inspite of her relationship), it made me see myself in you and also made me realize that I kinda neglected my partner for awhile. i want to have someone in my life as loving, loyal and passionate as you..Tina. I want to find and be with somebody that looks at me as if I am the only one that existed in her life. Thanks a lot for bringing life and passion back to my life and relationship. I wish you peace, happiness and health to you, your family and career.

  168. Meegan says:

    Happy birthday Laurel 🙂

    I have to say I have always been a Tina fan even when she wasn’t with Bette (I love Tibette beyond words) and alot of my L word buddies didn’t like Tina at all.
    It’s crazy but true…the L word actually saved my life and Laurel was a part of that, and to see that it only has one season left (I signed the potition thing will all my e-mail addresses) well it makes me sad 😦
    anyway I hope you have a fantastic day and I will be thinking of you (as ALWAYS) and like Jennifer Beals you both don’t look a day over 30. 😉


  169. Anna (from Russia) says:

    Happy birthday, Laurel!

    I admire you in many ways. You’re are the best actress in The L word. Your performance together with Jennifer Beals is fantastic. And you are a charming person too.
    I wish health, love, happiness, joy, luck to you and your family!

  170. Leslie says:

    Happy birthday, Laurel !!!

    I wish you the best now and always. I hope the end of the L Word isn’t the last time our paths will cross. I have enjoyed your work the last 5 years and I am looking forward to seeing you next January.

  171. Lisa says:

    Hi Laurel!

    I’ve never joined a fan club or done anything like this before. I’m 34 yrs old not a freakin teeny bopper right? This is crazy! What story can I tell you different than anyone who you have already talked to about your role in the L-Word? I don’t have a clue…all I know is that I have been a fan from the first day I saw you on the L-word and that every sunday for a few short weeks every year, you have made me smile. It is truly amazing that “sexy and in love” Tee is the same person as “producer tee”. I love how passionate you are about your character and that you think every emotion, scene and word through on so many levels. I love every season but season 2 was just so beautiful for me to watch. Beautifully & tastefully done showing the amazing pregnant female body. And as you have done in every season, you just did an amazing job. And just FYI, I do not have any children.

    I have soo many favorite scenes of you (and no not just the sex scenes..but damn Paul is one lucky guy if that’s how you are acting LOL! sorry just kidding)..but scenes that have touched me on just a deeper level than anyone has.

    So sad to see the L-Word end, but truly a privledge to have someone like yourself portraying ourlives through your tremendous talents. I appreciate all your hard work.

    Best of Luck in all your endeavors. I hope you have a great birthday and I can’t wait to see what your next role will be in.
    PS – it took me a little while to get the courage to write this, I hope you make it to Comment 170!

  172. Coleen says:

    I celebrate you and your special day. What a wonderful woman you are-truly amazing. You have used your gifts so selflessly, standing strong in your beliefs for social justice and equality. What a legacy you are creating on your journey..many will be encouraged and empowered by your example. Your family, your friends, and those of us who know you only through the media are “blessed beyond” by you and your expression of living life “BIG.” May God bless you and your family. Continued success in your career…Happy Birthday!

  173. Lizi (From England) says:

    Hiya Laurel,

    HaPpY bIrThDaY!!!! xoxoxoxo Hope you have really wondeful day, you deserve it 🙂 Congratulations on your new addition to your family, i wish you all well and god bless. You are ana amazing actress and i really dont want The L Word to end, its such an mint show with so many strong women. I admire your courage and everything. I love Tina especially Alpha Tina in series 5!
    I wish even more success in everything you do. I hope you like the video i made you about Tina.
    Happy birthday again Laurel! 🙂 xoxoxo

  174. Sharon (From Maryland) says:

    Ms. Holloman,
    Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday, and the best in the years to come. I am 43 years old and my wedding anniversary is the same day as your birthday. I am a big fan of yours even before the L Word and like many others have been glued to my tv the last 5 seasons. Although many of your works have not gotten much air time, they are all still something to be proud of. For myself, I have been bi for as long as I can remember and have always been told to make a choice for one side or the other. You have shown me that it is not only okay to love men and women, but okay to be honest with who you are. I hope you and your family celebrate your birthday with fun and laughter. Thank you so much.

  175. Micki says:

    Dear Ms. Holloman- Hi there Sunshine!! Happy Birthday!! What a treat it has been to watch you in all of your characters! And although The L Word is my favorite, You have inspired me, shown me that there is life out there, and made me believe again in the power of love! You have, in your interviews, reminded me that being true to yourself, is key. And I thankyou so very deeply for that! You have changed my life in so many perspectives and yet you’ve impressed me more with your loyalties and convictions! You are leaving behind a legacy that shines of passion and integrity! What an amazing example you have been to so many of us- I hope to see you in a play again soon but I wish you great success in your future endeavors,along with health, laughter, happiness and above all else, love, to you and your family! Have a Super D Duper Day!! ;o) xoxo Best, Micki

  176. EMERALD54567(KIM) says:

    Laurel…..Just want to wish you the best birthday ever…I have supported you in many ways….donation to Doctors without Boarders, bought an “I SEE YOU” shirt, bought a coffee mug….bought all 4 Season of the L word, ordered showtime because of you and Jennifer, have bought every movie listed online on your website that you have been in and watched them all numerous times. You are a princess!!!!! The emotion you convey in your acting is most endearing. There has never been an actress in the past that can draw her audience into the inner core of her being except, Bette Davis!!!! You do compare!!!!!! She was one of the most exceptional artist to hit the screen and then came Ms. Tina Kennard!!!! You go girl!!!! I love everything about Tina….she has had her ups and downs….but she is a fighter….she always prevails. I only hope Season 6 is yet just another year……as I hope the series continues for the dedicated fans you have all pulled into your lives. We won’t know what to do without the L WORD…..but that being said…..I actually think you probably feel the same way about it…you have devoted your life and time to this project and you should be proud of your accomplishments. You have paved the way for many of us….lesbians, gays, transexuals, bisexuals and confused beings that walk the face of this earth. Once again….thank you for giving us the gift of Ms. Tina Kennard…and may you have all the happiness the world has to offer you and yours. One of your biggest fans…

    Kim Bernardoni

  177. qboo says:

    Happy birthday. Have a great day!

  178. Sissy says:


    Happy Birthday greetings from Germany!

    I wish you love, happiness, a little romance, some excitement, contentment and lots of sunny days!


  179. CUPCAKE says:


  180. ANA ALICE says:


  181. Allison says:

    Happy Birthday, Laurel! I’m so impressed that your fans would create something like this for your birthday. You obviously mean a lot to many people. We thank you for your amazing work on The L Word. You are so talented and fearless as an actress and you and the character of Tina are an inspiration to many of us. Thank you even more for your steadfast commitment to the LGBT community. It is appreciated more than you will ever know (I’m sure you realize that not many people in the spotlight would embrace being a role model and representative for the Lesbian community). Thanks, as well, for being an incredible human being. I see the same words used to describe you from fans, those who have met you, The L Word cast and others associated with the show – sweet, kind, honest, approachable, open minded, loyal. There can be no bigger compliment than having so many feel this way about you. You’re obviously very special and we hope you never change. Congratulations on your new baby! Your commitment to your family has made you all the more endearing to your dedicated fans and we wish you the best in everything you do. We love you Laurel!

  182. Zeebeeblue says:

    Happy happy birthday to you Laurel. I just want to tell you that you are very much appreciated. Thank you for sharing your artistic talent and for understanding us, your fans. We will support your every endeavor and will always pray for your success in life, love, health & career. Happy happy birthday. One more thing….thank you for bringing Tina Kennard to life. Bette & Tina forever!

  183. Sue Says: says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel. I wish you all the best, you are a good person. I wish the L
    Word would last forever, I love you as(Tina) you are great Again Happy Birthday and many more.

  184. Happy Birthdal Laurel you are the most authentic person i have ever watch on TV.You make everything you say and do on the show seem so real.You are in a class all by yourself.Have a wonderful life with your family.I know LOLA is loving her new sister.Much success in your life.No one could play TINA but you.GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

  185. bella says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel!!!
    I’m a huge fan of the L-word and i have to say i never saw a couple in a movie or serie play’s so real and lovely like you and jennifer does, for me you playing what real love is you are a wonderful actress! i wish you just the best for you and your husband and daughters!!

    Greeting’s fro your German Fan

  186. Anonymous says:

    Just passing by to wish u a very Happy B-Day!!! We are more than thrilled that Season 5 brought Tina and Bette together and i can assure u that Miami can’t wait for what’s coming on Season 6. Keep up the good work!!! Love ya, Jineth and Eli

  187. rush says:

    I want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You are a very beautiful lady…Stay sweet and sexy….looking forward to seeing you next season….

  188. Hi Laurel

    Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    You are a truely amazing and beautiful actress/woman i love your work and hope to see you in many more projects in the future….also i hope to see you at the L5 CONVENTION

    all the best to you and your family
    with love & hugs
    sarah xx

  189. egirl1999 says:

    Dear Laurel,

    Thank you for bringing to live the Tina character that I love so much. From the first moment Tina appears on my screen to that last scene of Tina defending the movie ending, she is always the one which got my attention and the reason that I keep on watching The L Word. With your sometimes subtle, sometimes powerful but always spot on performance, you have created a character that is complex, is flawed, but always with a kind heart and a great capacity for love. Someone I can identify with, someone that made me feel her joy, her pain, her strength. No matter what kind of material you got you always gave it all. Your dedication and passion for your work is something to be admired.

    I would also like to thank you for bringing together a bunch of strangers from different corners of the world to share our love and admiration. The joy and camaraderie we shared on the message boards warms my heart. You have also inspired many people who have never in their life done a music video, a wallpaper, an avatar decide to try their hands on doing one. The creativities here and on different message boards dedicated to you are phenomenal. With this birthday project, we have all come together dedicating our time to write tributes, to show artistry in making videos, pictures, wallpapers, etc. And what I am most proud of all is the donations to Doctor Without Boarders. No matter how much someone has donated, whether it’s one dollar or one thousand dollars, we have giving what we can out of the goodness of our heart. To reach out to help someone in need because you have inspired us to do so. Many people have helped in sending out the message in any venue they can and pushed for people to make the donation and I am so proud of what we all have achieved.

    So on your birthday, I’d like to say happy birthday to you and wish you and your family the best. I hope we all have done you proud. At the same time I’d also like to thank all the people who have joined effort on this birthday project. This is something I’ll always remember with fond memories.

  190. Karen (NJ) says:


    Best wishes for a beautiful birthday! Enjoy! We are all looking forward to Season Six!


  191. valerie (France) says:

    Joyeux anniversaire Laurel,

    thank you for your acting, the choice to play in Lword, and for your support to the community. Please continue doing such a good job. we need you.

    have a great birthday.


  192. Karen (IN) says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel! Love the L Word.

  193. Lise (Norway) says:

    Happy Birthday to the very best Laurel!
    Thank you for so many good moments on tv and film.

  194. Rachel says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel!!
    You have inspired me, and others, in so many ways. i just became an L Word fan and i regret not watching sooner! I love you and everything you do… Congrats on your new baby girl. Great wishes to you and your family.

    xoxo Rachel

  195. Gypsy says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel!!! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to see your amazing work. Keep it up and may God bless you and your loved ones this day and always!!

  196. Sarah says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel,
    Thank you for all your help and all your commitments for our people. I am so happy for you and your family on hearing that you have adopted a baby girl and wish you all health and happiness.
    God bless you and your family.
    Please dont let the L Word end you are an insparation for all of us.
    Luv Sarah

  197. blomke58 says:


    You are so great at the L-word, so amazing in manny ways. I look at the L-word over and over again. You and Jennifer mean so much for us.

    I wish you and your family manny happiness and also congratulations on your new baby!! Take good care of her.
    Have a great day on friday and i looking forward to Season Six.

    Mireille xxx

  198. KC says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel,

    Thank you just isn’t enough for bringing Tina into our lives! Wishing you all the best and continued success in everything you do. Can’t wait for Season Six!


  199. Cassie says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel,
    I know you have heard it a million times before, but you really are one of the greatest people it has ever been my privilage to follow on screen. Seeing the way you portray Tina Kennard is hard to believe it will all be ending. You have not been given enough credit for the wonderful work you do. Congrats on your new little bundle of joy. Having two daughters to share that sisterly bond is awesome(I have two darling angels myself). *HUGS* Lots of love on this your special day. May God bless you richly for all that you have done for us mere followers.

    Love From Amarillo Texas,

  200. Tibette Fan says:


    Thanks for being a great Tina!

    Enjoy your special day!

  201. BEATRIZ BRAVO says:


  202. BEATRIZ says:

    we love you so much enjoy your self,and thanks for let as see you in you carrer

    happy best ever birthday

  203. April says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel,

    Thank you for so beautifully portraying Tina. Your work, especially this past season, was brilliant. I wish you continued success. Congratulations on the new addition to your family, also.

  204. catisabel says:

    All different but all the same !
    Happyn birthday to You !

  205. Lois says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel. I hope you have a great day. Thanks you for all the great work you do and for standing up and supporting human rights. I think you are a very talented actress and a lovely person. You have great facial expressions. Looking forward to Season 6 of the L word and watching you. I would be honored to meet you someday.

  206. Dana says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel. I hope you have a wonderful day. Congratulations on your new baby girl. My husband and I have two girls also. They are 4 and 2. Enjoy them while they are small they grow up so so fast.

  207. Svetlana says:


    Happy birthday!!!! I wish all the best to you and your family in your life and work. Thank you for giving us Tina and Tibette, thank you for being so passionate and amazing in your work, thank you for everything

  208. TERRY says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday Laurel 🙂

    Best wishes and all the best for the future.

    Migliori auguri e tutto il meglio per il futuro.

  209. Shirley says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel….I wish you much love and happiness in the coming year and though out life. Thanks you for giving us Tina and Tibette as stated above…you brought to life someone who is loved and admired by many. You are a great actress and I am looking forward to seeing you in many more films and TV. Best wishes to you and your family.

  210. Erika says:

    Happy happy birthday Lu! =)

    SO MUCH!

    Kisses and hugs,


    * Brazil *

  211. kate says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel.

    Many More.

    Season Five?????
    You’ve outdone yourself. Bravo!!!

    with admiration for the strength of your craft.

  212. Ana Delgado says:

    Hi Laurel,first of all congratulations for your daughter!!.I wish you a very happy birthday in the company of the people you love and care and a brilliant career in the next years.

    Kisses from The Canary Islands(Spain),
    we wish L World to continue.

  213. Stefania says:

    Ciao sweet Laurel,
    I’m so glad to have this
    opportunity to send to you MY BESTS THINGS for
    your Birthday!

    I wish I could to meet you one time in my life
    for give to you a small present..
    Can be only small because isn’t anything so BIG
    for thanks you for everything.
    Sorry for my bed english I’m italian, but I hope
    all the best for you and your family with heart!

  214. foolfish says:

    Dear Laurel,
    Wish you have a lovely Birthday(with JB?).
    Hope to see you in TLW S6 soon.

  215. Pat says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel!!! I just want to thank you for all the work you do on the L Word. You will never know how much we are blown away with Tibette! I think you are a beautiful, charming, witty and amazing woman and I just love ya to pieces!

    P.S. I am from the south as well – Georgia!

  216. Alex Shakti says:

    Hello, Laurel!


    ::bowing in your general direction::

    Sending wishes for a very Happy and Joyous Birthday; with hopes for many more to come!

    Even though it’s your birthday, it seems to me that the ‘gift’ has actually come from you. Thank you for sharing your courage, spirit, growth, and amazing talent with the L-Word fans across the world. (Even my parents who are in their sixties LOVE the show and feel that they are closer to me than ever for watching it and being a part of the community.)

    Love & Light to you and your family!

    – Alex Shakti

  217. Sabrina says:

    Happy Birthday!!Have a nice day.


  218. Mel says:

    Dear Laurel!

    All the best for you from Germany!
    Thanks for doing such a geat job at TLW…
    Season 5 was definitely your season!!
    You’re amazing…

    Enjoy your birthday!

  219. Carolyn says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel!!

    Thank you so very much for your beautiful acting gift that you share with your fans.
    I wish you all the best, for you & your family. While I have loved everything you’ve given in each season…you OWNED season 5…just sooo awesome!
    Have a beautiful birthday!!

  220. Anonymous says:

    “If you have zest and enthusiasm you attract zest and enthusiasm. Life does give back in kind.”

    Xewqat Sbieh,
    (Best Wishes)

    from Malta

  221. Amy says:

    Bonjour Laurel!!!

    Happy birthday from Brittany 🙂 I wish all the best for you and your family 🙂 May all your dream come true 😉
    Grosses bises (kisses & hugs)

  222. Sylvie, Silvy and little Kay from Paris says:

    Dear Laurel

    It’s never easy to find the right words to express feelings…

    But tonight, I’d like to tell you the only words I know ….

    THANK YOU!!!

    Yes, Thank you for accepting to play the character of Tina and for playing it with perfection.
    Thank you so, so much to show to the world, my friends, family and my little daughter that two women can be a family, have a child, be responsible, be accepted, can have a real life.

    Thank you so much for giving to the world an image of our couple, our life.

    Thank you so much for bringing Tina to life.

    Bette and Tina’s life looks so much like mine….
    The birth of a child is a way to build ourselves and to build our life in a different way.

    We ‘ll be at L5 to say “Thank You” face to face.
    Thank you so much for being so close to us……. for your kindness, your sympathy and your support.

    And first of all, thank you so much for our little Kay… thank you for helping her to build her future, to be accepted.

    We wish you on a professional basis a wonderful and long carreer and on a personal one, a long life surrounded by love, joy, laughs of your husband, your little Lola and your new babygirl. Congratulations !!!

    Dear Laurel, be happy, very happy and thank you again for all the happiness you give us.

    I wish you a wonderful birthday…
    Sorry, we didn’t have a postcard…..so we wrote your birthady message in the sand of the Antilles.(Somewhere on the site 🙂 )

    With all our love from our holidays, and especially from Paris !!!

    Silvy, Sylvie and little Kay

  223. Jodi Ann says:


    Happy birthday! I hope your day blesses you with much love and happiness.

    I wanted to let you know that you inspire me by just being who you are. You astonish me with your candor and straight-forward demeanor every time I read a story or interview about you. It lets me know that you’re a truly wonderful person and would make an excellent friend to anyone.

    Congratulations on all your successes and especially the recent adoption of your baby girl!

    Jodi Ann

  224. the bears says:

    laurel, they say it’s your birthday, well, Happy Birthday to ya! hope you enjoy your special day as much as we enjoy seeing you. it’s more than the twinkle in your eyes, more than the shy smile on your lovely face, it’s more than your light and lively voice, and more than the stunning way your wear your clothes (and not wear them as well). it’s all of that and more … you are a genuinely great gal, have a happy day, year, life … with tons of love … the bears

  225. Inga says:

    Van harte gefeliciteerd Laurel!

    I hope you have wonderful day, with lots of love and birthday presents :). Cheers to many more wonderful and healthy years!

    Take care,

    from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  226. Brenda & Davina says:

    we want to wish you a very happy birthday. You have made are lives exciting,there will always be a Tina and Bette in our lives. SO HERE’S TO YOU SISTER


  227. Kathy says:

    I just want to wish you a very happy birthday. Hope your day is filled with happiness!

    Lots of love,


  228. shahad says:

    Miss Lu,,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY,, Enjoy your day 🙂

    I hope to meet you someday.

    With all my love:


  229. Geneviève says:

    Happy birthday Laurel !
    I would like to express my admiration for your simplicity , your kindness, you talent : you are a GREAT actress !!I would like to say I admire you for the love you give :MSF , an adopted child !…
    Thank you for who you are .

  230. Nancy Pofahl says:

    Happy Birthday Lu. Your a wonderful actress and you look like a lot of fun. Congrats on the new baby, I have two kids and they are my life. I am an author and writer and hopefully, our paths will cross some day. Take care.

    Nancy Pofahl

  231. Ann says:

    Happy Birthday you beautiful creature!

  232. sara cacao says:

    Miúda gira,

    Muitos parabéns, aka many forgoods, e para bom entendedor HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Stay gold,

  233. Kim and Karen Kelley says:

    Happy Birthday to a wonderful actor ! Tell and feels her part. Thank you !!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday, just has wonderful has you are.
    Best wishes, and hugs…..

    LaCrosse, FL

  234. Nina e Lucy says:

    Esta é mais uma mensagem do Brasil, te desejamos toda felicidade do mundo.

    Obrigado por dar vida a Tina e que você nunca esqueça a importância que você tem para tantas mulheres em todo o mundo.

    As brasileiras te amam e te esperam de braços abertos.

    Nina e Lucy

    Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais

  235. MMH says:


  236. vicki says:

    happy b-day and can’t wait till the new l-word comes on god bless you and

  237. CG says:

    Happy birthday Laurel !

    My sincere thanks for making season 5 of the L Word a great season. And by far in my books you have been won the nomination for a Laurel season , you truly are a very talent actress.

    Thank you for being you…

  238. Rochelle says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel!
    I too am a May baby.
    Thank you for your superb acting. You are the Bomb!
    Congratulations on the addition to your family. I wish you much happiness.

  239. Yvonne says:

    Happy Birthday Dear Laurel!

    Greetings from Lebanon and best wishes for you, your family and everyone you care about.

    Special greeting from Christianne, you’re her favorite character among TLW ladies 😉


  241. Paulina says:

    hi !! first i wanna wish u happy B-day lol
    im from Capeche, Mexico i wanna tell u i love your caracter in the l word and i hope u spend your day with your family in this special day

    Happy B-day
    Paulina de la Rosa Cano

  242. Darlene says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel!!!

    Enjoy your special day and can’t wiat to see you next season!

  243. Maya says:

    We will miss you very much on the L Word, looking forward to see you in many, many more project.

  244. Filipa says:

    Happy Bday Laurel!!

    Hope you and your family are ok! And cheers for the new baby girl!!

    I just wanted to tell you that you’re a great actress and we’re so lucky to have the chance to see you in our favorite show!

    Hope to see you in many more upcoming projects!

    We miss you

    Have a great day!!!

    Happy Bday from a big fan from Portugal >.<

  245. Brenda says:

    Laurel –

    Have a happy, happy birthday! You were looking and acting great in season 5 of the L word – looking forward to next season! Thanks for your support of the gay community.


    Toledo, Ohio

  246. dear Laura; We want to wish you a very Happy Birthday. We love your role of Tina and we sincerely hope the role of Tina gets back with Bet. We are very big fans of you two.

    Shirley and Bonnie James. We are a couple.

  247. cloverleaf108 says:

    Happy birthday Laurel!

    Thank you for your portrayal of Tina in TLW. This is the first work of yours that I have watched and I love the integrity, courage and professionalism with which you practise your craft.

    I also love reading the interviews you give because they help me know a little more about you and makes my admiration for you less remote and more grounded.

    I love that you try and connect with your fans because it shows that you care for them. I love that you will try to be there for L5 so as to make up for your absence in L4. You didn’t have to do this but you did, because you don’t take the fans nor their love for you for granted.

    I love that during those times when Tibetters were in agonizing anxiety over whether Bette and Tina would reunite that you gave as much assurance as you can without giving away too much of the S5 storyline. Those comments of yours about Tibetters being happy in S5 (or something along this line) were a great relief and I learned then to trust only what you said. I think you were the only one (as opposed to JB or IC) who understood what the fans went through and cared enough to try and ease their anguish a little.

    So Laurel, as you can see above, the things that you do and the interviews you give are greatly enjoyed and respected. I wish you overflowing happiness, peace and joy in your life and the same for your family too.

    Much love and respect,

  248. Francine says:


    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and many, many more! Congrats on your new baby girl. make sure you take time to enjoy your girls, gosh kids grow so fast, I have a 12 yr. old daughter and son that just turned 5. I still want to know where the last 12 years went,lol.

    Thank you for making Tina Kennard so believable,lovable as well as enjoyable. It has been wonderful to watch Tina grow over the last 5 seasons, looking forward to season 6 and your future projects. You are da bomb and there is no one in this world that play Tina Kennard better than you!

    In the words of Carly Simon( clearing throat and warming up lalalala)

    “Nobody does it better
    Makes me feel sad for the rest
    Nobody does it half as good as you
    Baby, you’re the best”

    Enjoy your day!!!
    from New Jersey

  249. Minty says:

    Dear Laurel,

    MABUHAY!! Greetings from the Philippines!

    I just want to greet you a very happy,happy birthday!!! You are a terrific actress and i admire your talent. I also appreciate your openness to the fans and thank you for that.

    But more than anything, i think you are a wonderful human being. To adopt a child takes a lot of courage and for that, i take my hat off to you!!!

    Please continue with your great work and know in your heart that you have touched a lot of lives, and that you continuously inspire people around the world to stay true to themselves, and help each other in any way that we can.

    I love you, Laurel and i hope that I can meet you in L5, God willing — i will have to travel about 28,000 miles to and from the Phils to see you and Jennifer!!!

    Take care and good luck in all your endeavors. Have a blast on your birthday!!

    MINTY S.

  250. cloe says:

    Dear Laurel,

    i wish you a Happy birhtday, you are so goergious……….. you and Bette are doing a awsome act in your love sean…..
    can’t wait for season six…… iam sure your will be making more hot love sean’s..

  251. Oriella says:


    Laurel, I cannot tell you how much I adore you!! I think you’re a fabulous actor and I believe you have a beautiful spirit. Please keep shining like the mega star that you are in both your career endeavors as well as personally. You give so much to the fans and I think that you often times don’t get the praise that you justly deserve. You are a true original and I hope to see you in many more tv/film/stage ,etc. projects for many years to come!!!!!!!!! Blessings to you and your family!!

  252. ash says:


    Here’s to hoping that you have a fantastic day and that you receieve all the love that you truly deserve.

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family and may good fortune continue to shine on you and yours.

    Looking forward to seeing you at L5 in November.

    Much Love
    most humbly
    your number 1 fan/admirer

  253. meagan says:

    wishing you the best. your amazing. also the cast of the L word is amazing. well im off to boot camp with the NAVY. have a good bday.

  254. Cristina says:

    Happy Birthday, Laurel!!! u know, it’s my birthday. too. have fun.

  255. K. says:

    Hi, Laurel!!!

    I’m from Brazil, my english writing ins’t so good, but I had to tell how much you’re amazing and how much I love you and your character at L Word.

    Happy birthday! I wish the best for you and your beautiful family!


  256. Dana says:

    Happy Birhtday, Laurel!!!:)
    Have a beautiful life!

    I love “The L Word”…I’m from Romania and I just can’t wait to see the next series…
    Please, excuse my poor English!:):)
    Wish you all the best!

  257. Roberta says:

    Laurel! Happy bday! I wish the best for you and for the people who you love…

    Thank you for always sharing with us the greatest passion that you have for your work.

    U ROCK! ;D ;*******


    ~ Brasil

  258. DeeDee says:

    Happy B-Day Laurel ,you are Grrrrrrrreat.

  259. Sharon R. says:

    Dear Laurel,
    Just wanted to send you a Happy Birthday Wish, and to tell you that I have enjoyed your work as an actress performing her craft and respect you in your truth to live your life.
    Good Luck in future endeavors, and Oh Yeah! Please fght to have Tina stay a strong force on the Final Season of the L word.
    Loving You in NYC.

  260. Didi says:

    Happy Birthday!

  261. Joey says:

    Hi Laurel,
    Happy Birthday!!! I’m your fan all the way from Singapore!! Thanks for being part of L Word, thanks for bringing Tina to life & thanks for being such a kind, bubbly, passionate lady!!! I can see that you are among those lucky ones who are blessed to have a great family and a career that you love!!! I’m so glad that i’ve known you from L Word, a show which will not be shown in my country. You made me want to have a TINA in my life as well!!! Have a great time 2day!! Looing forward to the day when i can meet u!!!

  262. Clo says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel !!!

  263. KAY says:

    Hi LAUREL, Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I can”t wait to see you on THE L WORD. Your Friend Kay

  264. ALLEGRA says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY also from me!

    I’m Italian and it’s 4 o’clock in the morning.. and being one of those crazy Gemini (and I wonder if you are the same..) I’m always doing things at the last moment! After having read all the metres of so many sweet wishes here above.. I hope you’ll always hold us in your heart! Lesbian fans can be very loyal, you know. Infact, talking about my self, I know it’s strange, but after having seen The L Word for so long, I’m not interested in watching other female gay things around. I’m very comfortable and quite satisfied with you and Bette together again! And even if it’s fiction, you two for me are the ultimate of perfection. And do you know why? Because it’s not about sex. Sex is the frame, the natural consequence. The whole thing is about TRUE LASTING LOVE! And this is what I think makes so many so fond of you two! The kind of love that in the end manages to overcome even certain faults and mistakes.
    I also thought you were looking very attractive when pregnant.. not easy and rare. And I loved you in Randy Dean.. but to be honest, Tina especially in season 5, made us sigh and dream a lot!!
    And I would love to hear more love declarations from you. A bit of heart juice for poor Bette who’s done so much to get u back this time.
    You and Bette are defenetly my favorite couple.. and to say it all, the soft pillow on which I rest my head at times!
    You’re a great actress, I love your facial expressions and keep showing us your emotions.

    P.S. A double-triple BRAVA for the DWB initiative you promote and for having adopted a baby. In the position u’re in, actions like this can inspire so many people! Your family is very lucky to have you. And to conclude I would love to see u a bit more around, like in interviews and shows. So don’t be shy or too busy please.. let us know in person what u’re up to and we will be happy to see you again.

    Much love from Milano A.

  265. Anniken says:

    Hi Laurel,
    Wanted to wish you a happy birthday, and thanks for reminding me that it’s my sister’s birthday today as well! Puh, close call…
    Have a great day – hope you get a big, nice cake to celebrate it with. 🙂

    Kisses from Norway

  266. Anja says:

    Wishing you a very happy birthday Laurel!
    I want to send you a giant thank you for doing an amazing job portraying Tina Kennard, and for the open and insightful interviews you continue to give. You have given voice and represented “our lives” with honesty and love, and for that I am greatful. I love to see my own “Bette and Tina life” (mine with less drama ;-)) being represented on screen. And look forward to someday show it to the babyboy that my girlfriend is carrying.
    Happy birthday wishes!
    With love from Scandinavia!

  267. Pac says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel and all the best for you and your family. Thank you so much for 5 unbelievable years.
    and cu at L5

  268. Timmsy says:

    Just want to wish you a very happy birthday, and congratulate you on your brilliant acting abilities! Somehow, you’re among the really good ones, whose character portrayals make me believe in the character; sharing *their* joys and concerns, rather than think of the acting professional and how I’ve seen them in various parts before. That truly is a gift of yours; how you’re able to *be* your characters onscreen, rather than come across as an actor trying to portray someone else while at work…
    Gratulerer med dagen!
    Joyous greetings from Norway!

  269. Nat says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel! Hope you and your family all the best forever. Thank you so much for 5 wonderful years. looking forword to see u at L 6 soon.

    Best wishes for you!

  270. Hereden says:

    I wrote a poem for you hope it’s not too sad for the occasion.
    co written and adjusted by MIZNOONE


    Every time You close the door behind you
    The door breaks me in half

    I was walking the one year way
    Every day, hesitating
    Every week, waiting
    Every month, so far away
    Here I am
    Standing between two years
    Hopelessly hoping
    On the edge of everyday

    The seasons come and go
    The Nothingness is traveling in my blood
    I left my self to herself
    gazing at each other, gazing in the the vacuum
    I painted the mirror that used
    To see you in my eyes

    You are gone now
    I felt my fingers
    itching at your departure
    And I remembered that I forgot
    To ask you
    To take your absence with you
    To take your favorite color
    And all the colors
    But, leave your nickname
    And your new photos
    So that I keep remembering
    That once upon a time
    You were here
    And that you will come back
    For only seven weeks

    And then…

    Happy birthday Lu and happy Lu birthday me and all your fans

  271. Clarice says:

    Happy birthday !
    Joyeux Anniversaire !
    Tantissimi auguri di buon compleanno !

    You are a wonderful actress, Miss Holloman, and you seem to be a beautiful person as well…

  272. Blacky says:

    Happy B-Day from Germany

    Iam happy to hear you are comeing to L5 .I liked the Talk we had over YouTube and well they now deleted my whole account so it seams Brutality is more wanted there then other stuff so you were right.

    Happy Birthday and Luck and Health for you and your Family

  273. Melissa says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel.
    Thank you for the journeys that you have taken us on. It is our pleasure to count you as a friend and ally to our community. Have a wonderful day.

  274. Donna says:

    Happy birthday Laurel
    Thank you for all you do…..you have been an ispriation to this community

  275. Annere says:


    Wishing you a Happy Birthday.
    Hope you will have a wonderful day.
    And that all your dreams come true.

    Congrats on the new addition to your already beautiful family 🙂

    Mwah mwah

  276. Junko says:

    Happy Birthday, Laurel!

    Thank you for your great acting in the L word.
    This drama has totally changed my life.

    Ihope you will have a wonderful day with your loved ones.

    From Junko
    Osaka, Japan.

  277. Gina says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel! I wish you all the Best and great projects to come. You are a great person. And we want you to know that we’ll support you through thick and thin!


  278. Grace says:

    Happy Birthday ,LU!

    Today is your special day. Enjoy it with your beautiful family.

    best wishes,


    Looking forward to seeing more ALPHA-T and the Tina SWAGGER

  279. Via Sebastian says:

    Dear Laurel

    I wish you the best of everything and more great things to come.

    I want to thank you for continuing your GREAT works especially your work in the L WORD.
    Your show really keeps me going when I’m really low and I’m glad to know that you’re one of the great people behind it.

    We may not know each other very well but I hope (and WISH!) that we do get in touch. I’m no PERV or some crazy STALKER. Just a fan who wants to get in touch with her idol. haha. 😀

    God bless and take care. More power to you!


  280. Sian says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel!!!

    Wishing you success, happiness, and a healthy year! Keep up the great work!

    All the best,

  281. BALTHAZARD Catherine says:

    I wish you an happy birthday laurel

    How could you be so cute, so lovely.

    Be happy and don’t change anything

    All the best for you and your family

    A french fan

  282. Proud says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel! Enjoy it to the fullest!

  283. CissyMiriam says:

    Hi Laurel!

    I want to wish you Happy Birthday!!!
    Have a wonderful day with your loved ones.

    You have been a true inspiration for me!
    Wishing you continued success and happiness!

    The Netherlands

  284. Sandra from Argentina says:

    Just thank you for being the special person you are and for every special emotion you give us!!!!!
    Happy Birthday Lu!!!!!

  285. Arianna from Mexico says:

    Happy Birthday !!!!

    I wish you the best to you and yor family.

    Enjoy your day. Your work is great.

    I really hope that I can meet you one day.


  286. Maria from Spain says:


    Best wishes to you and your family!

    Have been a Tina fan from the very beginning of the series. Great performance! Great character to follow. Hope you have a wonderful final season. You deserve it!

    Love and admiration,

  287. Anonymous says:

    happy birthday laurel !!
    I wish you more and more success in your carreer!! and to be always accessible than usualy … a french “fans” of your work …

    Merci laurel !! Bonne anniversaire!!!

  288. Dear Laurel a Happy birday!!! from Hollland.
    The best wishes to you and your family.

    Helma From The Hage Holland

  289. katiegirl says:

    So many wonderful things have been said already. This site is a tribute to how much your fans adore you. You inspire us. Thank you.

    Happy, Happy Birthday! Many, many more. Hope you have a wonderful day with your family!

  290. Revolution says:

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for being brave and outspoken. Your acting is Art, and I wish you every happiness Life can bring.

  291. Anonymous says:

    A big Happy Birthday to you Laurel from across the pond in England!!!! I hope you have a beautiful day. You are an amazing person and actress. Thank you for gracing our screens.
    I admire you.
    Best wishes to you and your family.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Season 6! I wish I could make it to L5!!
    Love, Hannah

  292. Hannah says:

    A big Happy Birthday to you Laurel from across the pond in England!!!! I hope you have a beautiful day. You are an amazing person and actress. Thank you for gracing our screens.
    I admire you.
    Best wishes to you and your family.
    Looking forward to seeing you in season 6! I wish I could make it to L5!!
    Love, Hannah

  293. Vanessa Ferreira says:

    Happy B’day Lu !!!!!
    God bless you !!!!

    Brazil loves you !!!!


    Vanessa – Brazil

  294. LvMyGirls says:

    I wrote this last month and apologize to those whom appreciate laconism…

    It was simply one of those nights where sleep would elude me. Although the day had been hot, unseasonably so even by our southern standards, the night had cooled down enough to provide a respite from the heat. I knew my sleeplessness had little to do with the weather; the real culprit had been my caffeine consumption that evening. Hours before, sitting out on my deck, I found myself attempting to unwind from my hectic day with a smoke (I consider myself a nonsmoker, but will light up if stressed enough) and a drink. I wasn’t in the mood for alcohol, opting instead for iced coffee. During particularly grueling days, I would find myself craving the comforts of home in New England and iced coffee was one of those creature comforts. In hindsight, I should have made herbal tea; well it was a moot point now. With the windows opened, I laid in bed and listened to the sounds of nature’s active nightlife below. My eyes had immediately acclimated to the dark and surprisingly much of my room was visible to me without the aid of light. I stared absentmindedly at the rotating blades on the ceiling fan above as a myriad of thoughts converged in my mind. One of them was about Laurel Holloman. So a number of her fans had decided to do something special for her on her birthday. Now why in the world would that thought have popped into my head at such an hour? I don’t know this woman personally and even if I did, her birthday was weeks away! I did have other priorities in my life and have to admit it was a bit disconcerting for me to be thinking about a complete stranger. It was obvious to me that I would not find sleep which allowed me to examine that question in more detail.

    What did I conclude? That, although Laurel Holloman is a stranger in the sense of having never met her, she is far from being unfamiliar. Throughout TLW’s run, this woman has been an ardent supporter/advocate of the series, her character and her fans. Laurel has endeared herself to me because of her candor and her willingness to share her thoughts on a wide variety of topics. She has been thoroughly interesting and engaging during her interviews; there has never been an article written or a video seen where I had not come away with something unexpected from her. My admiration for her continues to grow. Although a part of me will be sad with the series ending, another part of me will be happy to see Laurel leave Tina Kennard behind as she ventures into new roles. I have never seen any of her movie performances on the silver screen, having to rent them instead. I look forward to watching her larger than life persona in a crowded theater someday. I give Laurel props for what she has done with Tina; the role could have been easily lost had she not cared about the character and thus made us care too. She could have been bitter about her storyline in S3 and her lack of screen time in S4, but publicly she wasn’t. Instead she simply voiced her concerns to TPTB and gave her feedback regarding how Tina should/would behave; she remained the consummate professional that I had come to expect from her as she provided reassurance to her fans in the process. Since many had turned on the character and, sadly, the actor, I felt the need to champion TeeLu. I was vehement in posting my displeasure concerning the lack of character continuity and development for Tina’s story in S3 and S4. It was bad enough that the character had never been truly fleshed out, but to then saddle Laurel with an unpopular storyline which was never fully explored and to relegate her to “guestbian” status in S4 by simply parading her out to deliver “poopyshit” lines such as her belief that she had a difficult time of conceiving Angelica because she had had two abortions in her early twenties (Really? That’s news to me since no one was privy to Angelica’s insemination; there wasn’t that much time that had lapsed between the miscarriage and Bette’s affair) and how she could feel Bette’s and Jodi’s energy from 10 feet away were absolutely ridiculous. Thank goodness S5 made up for the prior two; I would like to think that it was a result of the fans grousing. Whatever the case, it was evident that more time and effort had been spent writing for the character which allowed Laurel’s innate talent to shine brightly this past season!

    Segue into her acting which immediately intrigued me. I once wrote that when Tina spoke the following two words…“come here”…it produced a Pavlovian response in many of us. Although, what I like most about Laurel’s work is how involved she is in the moment. I find myself watching her scenes again because of what she invariably brings to them when she acts. Laurel is so expressive and exhibits little fear when conveying her character’s emotions; I am simply in awe. She is gifted enough to tell a story without uttering a single word. There is a subtlety to Laurel’s acting which gives Tina depth. I was initially drawn to Tina because of her love for Bette, the looks Tina would shoot her, the touches she would give or kisses she would share; later, I just enjoyed the way in which Tina carried herself much like she did in S5. Laurel is very good demonstrating her physical presence and her interaction with other actors; she often sets the mood with her nonverbal cues. Ironically, there are those who have been critical of her head bobbing, eye rolling and finger pointing, but I’ll defend her use of them as yet another means of conveying Tina’s feelings. I can pretty much silence her critics with two other words, sex scenes. I will not spend an inordinate amount of time discussing them; let’s just say that Laurel continues to raise the bar for her fellow actors to meet or exceed. Regardless of whom she is paired, she is fearless when it comes to conveying her character’s intimacy. S1’s finale was television’s drama at its best, but it was S2’s intimate scenes that garnered more of my respect. There was Laurel, well into her pregnancy, acting opposite not only one actor, but two and looking radiant throughout. I cannot recall another pregnant actor willing to be exposed in that manner nor having spent the hours she did to continue to work on set. She was beautiful and her decision to share herself with us reinforced my belief that she was an exceptional woman. It was mentioned on AE that Laurel’s singular performance in 5.10 was “virtuosic.” I believe much of her work has been virtuosic. Many of her scenes were moving as she engaged this viewer in an emotional gauntlet; I would find myself laughing, crying, happy, sad, occasionally saying WTF, but mostly her masterly acting had me thinking that without her, I would never have vested my time in the series.

    Finally, I cannot understand why Showtime did not do more with the actors to promote TLW as Laurel would have been a natural at it. I could see her warmth, her gregariousness and her articulation penetrating the hearts and minds of many giving even some homophobes pause. Sure it is just a television show, but it merits thoughtful discussion as it relates to sexual identity/orientation as well.

    Anyway, I want to say, “Thank you, Laurel Holloman!” “Happy Birthday” to a special someone whom I have come to care about despite never having met, but feel I know. It is how you live your life and the way you conduct yourself that has earned my deepest respect. At times, you seem to march to the beat of a different drummer…not adverse to challenges, sharing your opinions or passionately supporting causes; these are qualities that are important to me. I hope you are a force to be reckoned with in your future professional and personal endeavors! Good luck…looking forward to you sharing those professional ones with us!

    Enjoy your special day as each day is special for us when we have the opportunity to see you act.

    ~An Ordinary Fan With Extraordinary Admiration~

  295. B. says:

    To dear Laurel,

    Wishing you a very happy birthday, one filled with love and laughter with your family and loved ones.

    I first saw you when you played Randy Dean all those years ago, and had the pleasure of rediscovering you all over again as Tina. I can’t put into words what your portrayal of Tina has meant to me over the years. There are times when I felt like I *was* her, and times when she could have been by sister or my best friend. This year, I just beamed with wonder and pride at all Tina had grown to be.

    You have shared such an extraordinary journey with us, and I thank you for your absolute commitment to this role, this show, and the fans.

    Thank you for everything you have shared with us, onscreen and off. May you have a blessed day, and many happy returns.

  296. Pat Kennedy says:

    Oh Happy Birthday Laurel. A special B-Day at that! You are a fine actor and I love seeing you and Jennifer on The L Word. I come home from work everyday and UTube the two of you. May your day be blessed with love family and friends.

  297. Anonymous says:

    HappY Birthday Laurel
    From your Brazilian Fan
    I Desire to All that joy can bring

  298. Linda says:

    A very Happy Birthday to you Laurel. may you be blessed in everything you do. we are all hoping for more l Word. I hope you have a very good birthday. much love and friendship. L

  299. HeLLo Sweet Laurel!!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR YOU!! (From Mexico)
    I wish you the best day you can have!! I hope you have so much fun…
    Let me tell you, that you´re a really good actress, I love you work, I saw other movies what you have done, and now in the L word you´re amazing, I have to say that.. I like the character Tina, it´s one of my favorites!!
    Thank you for been in the L word, and sharing your passion!
    kisses and hugs!!!
    my best wishes for you always
    and please don´t go away from tv, you´re an extraordany women and very special, and one of the best actresses we have on hollywood!!

  300. viviana says:

    Hello! again .. Well I just want to congratulate laurel for his birthday and wish him all the greatest happiness in their day, they continue to meet many, many years and follow more success from Venezuela a kiss and a hug from your fanatica number 1 Viviana
    as we would say here in venezuela Happy Birthday to You TE disarm IT birthday LAUREL birthday FEEEEEEELIIIIIZZZ !!!!!!!!
    From Venezuela !!!!!

  301. farkhandah says:

    hiya laurel,

    i won’t do a long message as ahown above hehehehe!

    just like to say Happy Birthday to You!!!

    May God bless you always and give you endless happiness and hope you will fulfill every goals you want to achieve now and forever in the future…

    many kisses and hugs

    from your fan,


    P.S. congratulation with your new extended family.

  302. lanafree says:

    Happy birthday Laurel!! you’re an amazing actress and a wonderful person i love you so much! i wish you a lot of love and happiness ❤

  303. isabelle says:

    dear laurel,

    happy birthday & thank you so much for your outstanding acting in The L-word and The incredible story..

    i hope you have a beautiful day

  304. Alba says:

    Happy birthday Lu!
    I wish you the best thing, because really you deserve it to yourself.
    I it makes small that I have met you, thanks to the L word and feel proud to be your fan.
    I love you so much!


  305. Ale says:

    You’re an amazing woman. We’re very proud of you!

  306. SUSAN says:



  307. Anonymous says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday Laurel! I wish you all the best on your special day.

    Have fun!

  308. Sarah says:

    Laurel- I know I join many in wishing you Happy Birthday. You are a talented actress and publicly warm person. Congratulations on the adoption of your daughter. I’m an adoptee myself. May you continue to be blessed as you are a blessing to others in so many ways. Peace to you and the family.

  309. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel !!! I too wish to send a cheery birthday greeting to you along with thanks and appreciation for giving life to a character that is much loved. Thank you for your dedication through five whole years. May you celebrate many, many more. Hope this day is the best one yet.

    Hugs, hugs and more hugs.

  310. Jennifer says:

    Happy 28th Birthday, Laurel! 😉

    It’s always been fun to watch the show and the Tibette storyline, but with season 5, you became the “one to watch!” You’ve brought so much comedy, snark and confidence to your character and I just want to say thanks for not just parroting lines. It’s like….move over Shane. Tina’s the cool chick now! Keep it up, girl!

    Best wishes to you and your expanding family!

    Today…the L Word stands for Laurel!!!

  311. B says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel. You are the best. Season 5 was yours, not that the others weren’t. I wish I could meet you some day. I also wish that the show would go on for more seasons then 6. You are very talented and I hope we see you in more things. Hope your day is great. Happy Birthday again.

    Go Tibette!!

  312. fall01 says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel Holloman…you have inspired us!

  313. Pricila k says:


    I just say, I love you job…
    Tibette is the best of serious!!!
    I love you two…

    I wish I could meet you some day…

    I’m from brazil!!!


  314. TBETTELOVER says:

    Happy Birthday T

  315. Tony Carrillo says:

    Happy Birthay Laurel! I wish for you the best in your life… also I want to tell you that Tina is my favorite character of the L word, Im one of your millons of fans… I think you are amazing! My best wishes!

  316. Connie Carrillo says:

    Have a great day! Happy Birthday, I wish 4 you and your family the best! Connie from Mexico City

  317. Natthanan says:

    Hello l’m from thailand
    HBD2U Laurel Holloman i wish you and family be happy
    i just to say ammmmmm i love U very much
    bye bye take care
    i no good english but i try in my best sorry

  318. marielle says:

    Bon anniversaire Laurel,
    you’re a Wonderful actress, “The L Word” is so important, this serie can make change mentalities. Best wishes for you and your family from a french fan.

  319. katiegirl says:

    Well, the day has past. I hope you had a fantastic birthday celebration and enjoyed time with your family and friends. You are a very special lady in my eyes and I wish you continued success in all that you do.

  320. Gi says:

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday with your family. What a nice present to have an addition to your family.I wish you all the the best life has in store for you. I am still hoping that our paths will cross one day. May God bless you and your family. Thanks for all you do.

  321. Shantiyaah says:

    Hi Laurel
    Happy B-day
    May God bless you and your family.
    I really enjoy you in L word and I like you so much. See forward to see more
    Love you

  322. Olá Laurel…

    Feliz aniversário… Vc tem sido fonte de inspiração a muitas mulheres no mundo e não é diferente aqui no Brasil… Muita luz em teu caminho… Muita retidão nas suas decisões e que tudo que aconteça em sua vida seja repleto de amor…

    Love you.

  323. Galpalval says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Congratulations on your baby girl. Hope the rest of this year, God will bless your two daughters and your family. Enjoy filming the last season of The Lword. Love Tina. Your a wonderful actress, and good luck in your future projects. Thanks for giving us Tina and for all the events you participate in. Be there for Jennifer for L5.

    Love You

  324. Alexandra says:


    FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS Bella!!! y que sean muchos, muchos mas…Te amo!

  325. Belén says:

    Dear Laurel:

    I wish you a very Happy Birthay I can’t say this the day before because I had some problems but nothing can stop this.
    You’re a great person and I thing that you make so much changes in the life of people include myself with all hat you do and your work I hope to see you in TLW because Tina is the Best ;).
    I love you very much and I hope you had a wonderful day with all your family, my best wishes and very success in all that you do.

    Bless for You and your Family.

    Belén from Chile.

  326. ZJ says:


    Have a happy and blessed birthday!

    ZJ from Denmark

  327. Jamie (GoGreen) says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel!!!

    Thanks for being who you are! I love your work in The L Word and look forward to seeing you in future projects. The L Word has meant so much to me that it is hard to put into words. Thanks for bringing Tina (my favorite character) to life! 🙂



  328. Janice says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel!

    May you be bless with happiness and good health. Thank for your hardwork work in The L Word. That series meant so much to me. Can’t wait to see your future works.



  329. sam says:

    hi laurel
    sorry im so late wishing you a happy birthday but iv been away . so hope you had a great one .all the best to you for all that you have plan for your future .P.S thanks so much for your good work in the L word alongeside jenifer,i am a tibetter and cant wait for season 6.thanks once again.

  330. Diana says:

    hola..!! Desde Venezuela… Felicitaciones por tu cumpleaños, y por el gran trabajo que haces en la serie “The L Word” la verdad a mi me cambio por completo la forma de ver la homosexualidad, comprendi que el amor llega sin importar el sexo, la religion, ni el color de piel. Tambien comprendi que debemos ser comprensivos con las personas que son diferentes a nosotros, sin discriminar ni ofender. De nuevo felicidades…!! que tu vida siempre este llena de amor..!! y felicidad..!!
    que dios te de vida para seguir ganandote el corazon del publico que te sigue en “The L Word”

    In English
    Hello ..!! From Venezuela… Congratulations for your birthday, and for the great work that you do in the series ” The L Word ” the truth to I change completely the way of seeing the homosexuality, comprendi that the love comes without importing the sex, the religion, not even the leather color. Also comprendi that we must be comprehensive with the persons who are different from us, without discriminating to offend. Again congratulations …!! That your life always this one fills with love ..!! And happiness ..!!
    That god of life to be still gaining(earning) you the heart of the public who follows(continues) you in ” The L Word ” Congratulations ..!!

  331. Toni says:

    Hi Laurel. Happy Birthday from another NC native who also has a birthday on May 23rd. I hope you had a wonderful day!

    Thanks for the great work you do on the show and congratulations on the new addition to the family!


  332. Biggy says:

    Dear Laurel,
    I know I am late.
    But I needed to send you congratulations from Germany.
    I wish you all the best for your future, also for your work and your family.
    What can I more say as ” I love you ” !!!
    But I have one important wish.
    I would love to hear more love words or love declarations from Tina to Bette. Only Bette says “I love you” again and again and Tina ?
    Only one time in the evilator-scene at the end. Please do it in Season 6.

    Love you
    Biggy from Germany

  333. Sim22 says:

    Dear Laurel
    Damn, I’m very late on wishing you congrats
    but I didn’t know it was your birthday so I hope you had a great day and I wish you all of the best. And you are beautiful!!

    Sim22 from South Africa

  334. ROSA says:

    We don´t Know to send a tribute from laurel with a photograph. ¿Anybody can explain the way it is?.
    Thank you so much. We Know a few english. Please, make easy your comments.

  335. Anngie Mosby says:

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday Laurel. Congrats on being a mother again! You are a very beautiful woman inside and out. Thank you for sharing your talent with us on the L-Word. You never fail to take me to that place where I forget that you are portraying a character – that is true talent and I love you for taking me there.
    Peace and love to you and yours.
    Anngie Mosby

  336. maaike says:

    Hi laurel i also wish you happy birthday.may god keep en bless you.i look for season 6.iam a fan of you and i love you verry much.thank you for being tina in the l word.its means so much to me.

    maaike from Suriname(south America)

  337. maaike says:

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday with your famile.I live in Surine and we speaks Netherlands en surinamese here.I love to write you a text in Surinamese.

    Joe na brede tap mi tafra te angrie e kiri mi.Joe na watra tap mi tongo na wan wara dey.Joe na mi mati en so a sa tan.Mie lobie joe.

  338. rchl69 says:

    Dear Laurel,

    This is such a late greeting but better late than never. Happy Birthday!

    Days after your birthday the world continues to celebrate your talent, kindness and beauty. I thank God for the gift of you and I thank you for your gift to the world. Through your work and generosity, this world has become a much better place.

    I wish you love, peace and happiness all the days of your life.

    The Philippines loves you.

    Special greetings too from my friends from Singapore and Japan!

  339. al says:

    Belated b’day wishes

    i think ur stunning and reckon we should make sweet music together x

  340. fall01 says:


    Contact Miznoone at


    You can email her your question and she will help you with the photograph.

    Lisa (fall01)

  341. Oriana1010 says:

    Belated Bday Lu!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  342. Beve says:

    Just posting now, but, have been pretty busy taking care of my dad. I hope you had a great birthday and many more to come. You have great dedication to what you believe in and that is very exceptional and shows a great personality. Every role you play you play very well. I wish you the best with your newly expanded family. You are a blessed woman. Even though it may never happen….I’ve always wished to meet you. Your role as Tina has truly saved my life.

  343. katiegirl says:

    Although the “official” day has come and gone, you continue to inspire. Thank you for all that you give of yourself in all that you do. Counting down to the next birthday. 🙂

  344. katiegirl says:

    Laurel, I hope you had/have a chance to check out this site. I hope it somehow warmed your heart to know that so many admire and respect you.

  345. ROSANA says:

    felicidades, y gracias por hacer una serie distinta, y hacer ver que los homosexuales son gente normal, que siente,y llora por las mismas cosas.yo no soy homosexual, pero la serie hace que la gente no sea tan cerrada, y muestre, no ha dos mujeres sino a dos personas que se quieren.
    aver si la emiten en españa de una vez.
    estoy deseando la 6 temporada.felicidades laurel

  346. 4sweetluh says:

    yeah, i am late but english is not my first langue so not simple to write what i think although good luck Laurel from France you are the best of the l word and a so great actress

  347. Ana says:

    Es un poco tarde, en realidad apenas vengo a enterarme de esta pagina. Pero mas vale tarde que nunca.

    Se que quiza nunca te voy a conocer, ni tu a mi. Pero no es motivo para decirte lo mucho que te aprecio y que te quiero. No sabes lo que he tenido que hacer para poder verte. No quiero que pienses que admiro a tus personaje o personajes porque no es asi. Admiro a esa persona que esta detras de todos ellos, a esa persona que estoy segura paso muchas noches en vela buscando la forma correcta de darle vida a personajes tan increibles, a esa persona que junto a otras estan luchando en pro de una fundacion. Y sabes quien es esa persona. TU LAURELL. Tu has logrado que muchas cosas en mi vida cambien, cosas que seguramente nunca sabras de que se tratan. Solo espero que de verdad algun dia leas este comentario para que asi te puedas dar cuenta que en algun lugar del mundo hay alguien que piensa en ti y que todos los dias le da gracias a Dios por hacer que personas como tu existan. TE QUIERO MUCHO LAURELL HOLLOMAN.
    Att: Ana Jaidith desde Colombia

  348. Words cannot express the gratitude your legions of fans feel for the gifts you have given us: your incredible talents as an actress, your beauty that dazzles us in all your incarnations and your warmth and generosity of spirit.
    We hope your 38th birthday is filled with joy for you and your family. We also hope to see you again soon in a movie or tv series worthy of your enormous depth and range as an actress.

  349. Katiegirl says:

    Hard to believe another year has nearly passed us by. Thank you for your dedication and loyalty. I wish you the very happiest of Birthdays…..this year and every year.

  350. Maria says:

    Happy Birthday, Laurel.

    Thank you for your work on the L Word.
    All the best for you and your family.

    Con toda mi admiración y cariño.

  351. desertsafari says:

    laurel thank you for being such a gracious and enthralling actress. i admire how you have played tina’s role with such intensity whilst at the same time depicting many true scenarios in all our lives. it has enriched so many of us. happy birthday!

  352. B&TF says:

    Another year, another birthday…

    Laurel, all the best because you deserve all the best in your life and career.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  353. seraphik says:

    Thank you for all!!!
    You ‘re an amazing actress and woman!!

    I love you!!!!

    Have a wonderfull day for you and your family!!

    A french fan.

  354. desertsafari says:

    my ambition is to cycle across the usa or canada for dwb
    i don’t know if it will happen…… let’s just just say i’m looking into it…..
    it’s time for a life changing experience away from all that so superficial…..

    laurel i have you to thank for the idea


  356. felicitaciones de cumpleaños…

    […]A Birthday Tribute to Laurel Holloman « Happy Birthday, Laurel![…]…

  357. Thank you for the good writeup. It in truth used to be a amusement account it.
    Look advanced to more delivered agreeable from you! However,
    how could we keep up a correspondence?

  358. Lesli says:

    Following all these years I had been doing this exercising considering
    it was going to whip me in shape, wow!

  359. anita says:

    thank you for the L word movie.. you inspired me in many ways.. you are so beautiful… I hope one day I would meet you.. I m deaf and live in fort worth, tx.. my name is anita. my bday is may 28th so we are Gemini. smile.. I learned a lot from you in the movie.. into relationship and all… wish you happy birthday..

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