Honoring Laurel’s Fan Communities

… who have done so much in the spirit of friendship and generosity, in celebration of Laurel’s birthday.

  • The women of Xandra’s Place, many formerly from OC … who counted down to Laurel’s birthday for 365 days … with humor, grace, and lots of beauty.
Laurels birthday

Laurel's birthday

This birthday graphic was made by Hereden. She shared countdown duties with KMo, Holly, Yersinia, Xandra and several others throughout the year.

  • The women of Laurel Holloman Online, who devised a clever and outrageously fun L Word Trivia Game for all to participate in … all to raise money for Doctors Without Borders.

The video above was made by Keesha, to celebrate the friendships made there.

  • Laurel’s amazing Chinese fans, who spent 6 months working together to create an incredible e-Book as a gift for her on her birthday … it can be downloaded here. They posted the link to their work at LaurelHolloman.net … at the birthday wishes thread here.



2 Responses to Honoring Laurel’s Fan Communities

  1. laurel hoenig says:

    wow you don’t look like a thing like me!!!!!

  2. Sertcreargy says:


    I have already been watching laurelsbirthday.wordpress.com as being a lurker for a while now.
    I made a decision that I’d like toII would like to get involved and socialize with the men and women here.
    I’m hoping to hook up with lots of fascinating people and learn some good stuff.

    I hope this doesn’t find itself in the wrong section. Please forgive my offence if “MediaBlvd L Word Forum” is inappropriate.


    Furniture Finishers

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