The Interrogation Tape


When Ilene Chaiken and Showtime decided to add “webisodes” of the core cast being interrogated at police headquarters after the finale and to lead them off with Tina’s stunning revelations about her family, a veritable firestorm erupted on the internet – perhaps as IC intended – over Tina’s admission that Bette was not her “first.” It was her older sister when she was 11 and the incest lasted for three years.

Some people were upset that after begging for Tina’s family history for six years, Ilene chose to give it to us – with a vengeance. Others thought the subject of incest deserved to be treated more fully in a regular episode, or even in an earlier season.

Laurel’s performance in the interrogation tape was absolutely brilliant and worthy of being considered for an Emmy. Being that it was not part of the regular season, it is doubtful it could even be considered for nomination. This is an outrage in my view, although Laurel may want to use the tape to audition for roles as a character actress … which she is, in spades.

We are grateful to Laurel for giving us so many gifts these past six years. Her legion of besotted fans around the world await with bated breath her next projects. We hope they are worthy of her enormous range and depth as an actress and human being.

I will end this section about season six by quoting this blogger, who wrote the following about Laurel:

Holloman has crows’ feet around her eyes and laugh lines around her mouth. The platitude that lines give a face character is actually true. Pretty 18 year-old girls — as anyone who has ever hunted for porn on the internet can attest — are all pretty in exactly the same way. Holloman has a specific beauty based in what appears to be a tremendous emotional intelligence. She has lines on her face because she has not attempted to avoid or erase evidence of emotional intensity. She is the ideal middle point between a real person who happens to be on television and someone grown in a studio-lab for maximum appeal. On Angel she was cast because her pain at the loss of her sister was instantly believable. On the L Word she has a friendly, searching sensitivity — the kind of sensitivity that reaches for something rather than one that simply responds to something that has crossed its path. I find her genuinely touching.








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