How Far We’ll Go

As a FAN-tastic demonstration of appreciation, we’re not sure anyone can really top Girltrash_21.

Yes, that’s a real tattoo. (Shhh. Don’t tell Mom.)


0_0 from Our Chart has actually gone pretty far, too. For instance, she scaled the Hollywood Hills to make a small change to a certain famous sign.

She had her local barrista prepare a special version of her favorite coffee drink.

She installed a special warning system in her PC to keep her aware of any imminent danger.

One day, 0_0 attended a baseball game and spied a familiar face in the crowd.

She was so inspired, she even hired a plane to send a special message about Laurel!

After expending all that effort, she needed to see a doctor to help her get her strength back!


6 Responses to How Far We’ll Go

  1. 0_0,

    lol… great!!!

    You work is very intelligent.
    You are very talent.
    And I think Laurel will love every think you make. Congratulate.

    Luciana Sarno (AKA PehNoir, Niloufer) From Brasil.

  2. MsQueer says:

    Great Work o_o! Keep them coming! Love ya, and Luuuuvvvv our Lady LuH! Hope she enjoys your creativity!

  3. 01XCI_UF says:

    0, you have such a great sense of humor!

  4. larissa says:

    realla,really great!

  5. Emerald5457 says:

    Getting my Lotus Tatoo tomorrow on Laurel’s BD….same foot!!!! Love you Laurel!!!

  6. Tulips4u says:

    How clever you people are. I love them all, but I am particularly fond of Min’s temperature gauge! Such great things for Laurel’s birthday.

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