Spaghetti Girls

On the Showtime message boards, a group of women (and the occasional man) who are fans of TLW came together and built a supportive online community of friends.

Some of them, affectionately known as Laurel’s Spaghetti Girls, connected particularly to Laurel’s portrayal of Tina, and the relationship of Tina and Bette.

Sometime during their lively discussions during and after S5, they created two drinks in honor of Tina/Laurel: The Swag (so named for Tina’s confident swagger in S5; its full name is Swaggalicious Fluidity), and the Tinatini. Perfect drinks for the next time you and your friends play a raucous, dramatic game of ‘I Never.’

The Swag

– 2 parts Patron Silver tequila (has to be Patron Silver because of the smooth mildness)

– 1 part watermelon juice

– Crushed partially frozen watermelon

– A squeeze of lime (NOT artificial lime juice…)

Shake it all together in an ice cold mixer – and then add several splashes of seltzer.


– Vodka

– Pineapple juice

– Grapefruit juice

– Some rum

With a grape as a garnish. You may ask, why a grape? Well, some fans noticed that in S5, Tina seemed to be very fond of grapes. So the grapes are added because they’re her favorite fruit.

Up next: our mug runneth over. These drinks are Teelicious!


3 Responses to Spaghetti Girls

  1. fall01 says:

    Hey Laurel…

    Be careful…there wicked!

  2. Lilian says:

    Hi Laurel, I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I admire and respect you so much as an actress.

  3. fall01 says:

    Intonia you were so right about the Patron…

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