Chantgirl from Our Chart joined the Spaghetti Girls in creating a special libation in honor of Laurel:

For drinks of the non-alcoholic variety, she also came up with the ingenious idea of designing a mug for all the happy posters of the Tina/Laurel thread to enjoy.

One version is labeled Teelicious, and the other is called NaughTee. When Laurel returns to Vancouver to shoot the final season of The L Word this summer, she will have one of these mugs waiting for her when she gets there.

The title of the mug was originated by the OC Tina/Laurel thread’s founder, Grimevil.

The back of the mug lists the usernames of some of the posters who frequent the OC Tina/Laurel thread. It’s not a comprehensive list, but Chantgirl tried her best to include as many old and new-timers as she could.

You can own one too! Click here to customize and order your very own Teelicious (or here for the NaughTee version) mug.


5 Responses to Teelicious!

  1. 01XCI_UF says:

    Can’t wait to get my mug. Couldn’t decide which one to get so I had to let someone else decide. Great idea by Chant on making one

  2. cloverleaf108 says:

    This is the one of a kind! No other like like it.

  3. fall01 says:

    Mmmmmm….just love drinking my coffee in the am. from my new Tee mug! Chantgirl…good job!

  4. fall01 says:

    Chant…Love the mention of the infamous Tee eyeroll! Order me up a case!

  5. Tulips4U says:

    Love Teelu’s mug on my mug! No disrepect inetended to beautiful Laurel Holloman aka Tina Kennard.

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