This striking portrait of Laurel was created by Helena Kadlcikova, a painter and photographer based in the Czech Republic.

She has prepared a full portfolio of her work to give to Laurel, which includes portraits of other L Word cast members. Click here to see a photo of the portfolio.

When Laurel joins Jennifer at L5 in November 2008, Helena will be able to give her the portfolio in person.


7 Responses to Portrait

  1. 01XCI_UF says:

    Helena, you are one very talented lady. This piece work is incrediably amazing and I look forward to seeing more Laurel potrait from you if you decide one day to do another.

  2. TiBette_Fan_17 says:

    WOW! This is absolutely amazing!! You are very talented and all of your artwork is beautiful!

  3. Lindo Helena… Vc realmente é muito talentosa … parabéns!!!

  4. Booisatinafan says:

    Absolutely an amazing portrait!

  5. fall01 says:

    Our Next Job after Laurel’s Bday…is to get this woman a showing in NYC…eh?

  6. sara says:

    ye i like the idea
    i love laura i wish i could see her 1c

  7. sara says:

    i love laura in alll forms i wish i could have even 1 second with her

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