Project Laurel

Note: This video, prepared by Terri (Blurbitchproject), is a respectful compilation of clips owned by Doctors Without Borders (MSF). 


Doctors Without Borders is a humanitarian-aid non-governmental organization best known for its projects in war-torn regions & developing countries facing endemic disease.

Médecins Sans Frontières was created in 1971 by a small group of French doctors, in the aftermath of the Biafra secession. The organization is known in most of the world as MSF, but in the United States the name “Doctors Without Borders” is more widely used.

MSF is governed by an international board of directors located in Geneva, Switzerland, & organized into 20 sections. Annually, about 3000 doctors, nurses, midwives & logisticians are recruited to run projects. 1000 permanently employed staff work to recruit volunteers, handle finances & media relations. Private donors provide about 80% of the organization’s funding, while governmental & corporate donations provide the rest.

MSF not only provides health care & medical training actively to populations in more than 70 countries, it frequently insists on political responsibility in conflict zones such as Chechnya & Kosovo. The organization has received recognition of its members’ continuous effort to provide medical care in acute crisis & raising international awareness of potential humanitarian disasters.

Perhaps the most important part of this birthday project for Laurel Holloman is the fundraising effort on behalf of DWB/MSF, an organization close to Laurel’s heart.

Please support Doctors Without Borders, by giving of your time and/or money. Donations are accepted year-round here.

13 Responses to Project Laurel

  1. ldawn says:

    very moving and truly worth our attention year round ..thank you for the awareness.

  2. fall01 says:

    Oh BLUR…you are amazing, woman! This made me…remember what got me interested in this Birthday tribute and the whole effort in the first place.

  3. Hi my dear friends … I am so happy with this project … With the support of all of you … I work in NGOs. Working with the environment, combating hunger, family farming, and know the work of doctors with out borders. I would like to inform you that they work in Brazil. And that despite Brazil is a beautiful country and democratic, it has serious problems of social inequality … domestic violence and hunger. Well, I leave here with information on the performance of the institution in Brazil … And I can say to you as Brazilian is very Thank you.

    much love to all.


    Providing basic health care

    MSF currently runs a basic health center in Marcílio Dias, a vulnerable community in the northern part of Rio de Janeiro. The center’s staff offers medical and psychological care to local residents as well as social-educational activities.

    The basic health center in Rio de Janeiro’s Marcílio Dias community was set up in July 2003 to assist the approximately 7,000 people who live there in poor conditions with limited access to health care and social services. Residents in this area come in contact with many forms of violence: conflict between police and drug traffickers (the local power), domestic violence and sexual violence. They also face high rates of drug and alcohol use and teenage pregnancy.

    MSF’s project targets women, children and the elderly. The team offers consultations on a daily basis, provides medicines and conducts prevention activities. Each month, approximately 1,500 people consult the clinic.

    MSF has also created discussion groups where residents can talk about their problems, including such topics as health, violence and early pregnancy. It offers some courses for the community in partnership with other organizations and volunteers. The team comprises medical doctors, nurses, a psychologist, a social assistant, an educator, and a group of six community health agents who live in the community and visit families on a regular basis in order to help prevent problems. Another group of women from the community work as volunteers to establish a link between the families and the MSF center, mainly through psychosocial activities.

    The Marcílio Dias Health Center will continue to operate under MSF until the end of 2005. After this period, it will be handed over to local authorities and community organizations. Until then, in addition to providing the assistance offered now, MSF intends to help organize the community so that residents of this neighborhood have a stronger, united voice when fighting for their rights.
    Homeless project

    MSF’s homeless project which operated in Rio’s downtown area closed in December 2004.

    MSF has worked in Brazil since 1991.

  4. Chantgirl says:

    Thank you most sincerely Terri. Getting a charity drive going as part of Laurel’s b-day celebration was initially what prompted me to participate.

    By donating, we change the lives of people in places who will never know who Laurel Holloman is, but nonetheless are better that she has lived.

    How amazing is this world we live in, when we can reach out in love and make the world a better place for someone that we will never meet?

  5. Rose Mendes says:

    Grande projeto social!!
    Parabéns, pelo seu trabalho, pela sua ajuda aos mais necessitados…Sem palavras…


  6. fall01 says:


    Thanks for sharing the information regarding what MSF is doing to help the people of Brazil. Laurel Holloman fans are joinging together and there are so many fans from Brazil! There is such a circle of caring coming together while we all try to put a tribute together for Laurel. Truly magical in many ways. Thanks again for letting us know how MSF is touching your country.

  7. 01XCI_UF says:

    Thank you for the video, Blur. I’m proud to be part of the Luh fanbase whom are creative, talented, and especially above all– very generous people.

  8. Thank you for the video Blur!!! I am humbled every day by the support that all of the wonderful Luh fans give… I am amazed at the size of everyone’s heart and the talent that has been displayed (videos, pics, etc).

    Laurel has the BEST fans! And I am proud to say I am one of them!!

  9. viviana says:

    Hello, and soon will be your birthday of venezuela and I’m your fan numero 1’re really an excellent actress’re fantastic fascinated me since the first chapter of the series l word.O jala some day come to Venezuela and know its natural beauty and all your fans you have.
    And as we say here in venezuela Happy Birthday to You TE disarm IT birthday LAUREL Kennard Happy Birthday to You !!!!!!

  10. marvinmart52 says:

    Happy Birthday, Laurel! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  11. […] close to Laurel Holloman’s heart. Follow this link to contribute to this organization. A special birthday blog was set up in May to help launch this project but please note that this link is only active until […]

  12. […] close to Laurel Holloman’s heart. Follow this link to contribute to this organization. A special birthday blog was set up in May to help launch this project and they have already raised $20,000 their goal is […]

  13. katiegirl says:

    Happy Birthday !

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