There are a number of fans who like to express themselves using music and the moving image. We’re very fortunate that some very talented video artists have made lovely video gifts for Laurel, in celebration of her birthday.

We start off with this beautiful tribute, from BetteandTinaForever:




Next: A little change of pace. Rrrrowr.

26 Responses to Videos

  1. Tulips4U says:

    That was so lovely. What a nice tribute. I loved the choice of pictures and music. That was a nice idea to have it from the Bette Porter Gallery.

  2. katiegirl says:

    What a wonderful tribute! Thank you B&T forever! Happy Birthday Laurel!

  3. Riley950 says:

    Great video, so tastefully done. It fits “The Lady” so well.

  4. fall01 says:

    Wow…B&T FOREVER…Beautiful tribute!

  5. Val says:

    Very nice tribute ! Stunning Laurel !

  6. fablu says:


    Well done my friend! It’s easy to sing your praises because of how much love and talent goes into your video’s about Laurel/Tina.

    I loved this video for several reasons. The subject, Laurel Holloman, the song, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”, and the singer, Diana Krall. It’s a perfect marriage of the beautiful images of Laurel, the wonderful music and voice.

    A sublime tribute to Laurel.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful tribute!
    AND the beautiful images of Laurel.

    Thank you B&TF


  8. k20001 says:

    B&TF, Amazing Tribute done with the utmost class and distinction. Thank you and Happy Birthday Laurel !

  9. B&TF, Absolutely amazing tribute!!! You did such a great job putting all of those pictures together and what a PERFECT song!! Thank you!!

  10. ALESSANDRA says:

    and the much beautiful video vat and barges tina and bette forever

  11. 01XCI_UF says:

    A+++ like always 🙂

  12. Heather says:

    Dawwwww so cute. ❤

  13. cloverleaf108 says:

    A feast for the eyes!

  14. ldawn says:

    Happy birthday Laurel……

  15. montjuic says:

    Choosing DK´s instead of FS´s voice is just perfect(no other woman could sing it better).The vid magnifies the evolution of LuH as an actress and persona as well. A great tribute to start, that as the vid ends you will crave for more. {Gracias B&TF :-)}Happy Birthday LuH, savour what life has to offer.. Thank you for just being you ~J

  16. Sam McIntyre says:

    This is one of the wonderful video clips you have made BT&F – congratulations! I’m sure Laurel would have loved it so much! 🙂

  17. M.Maria (Granada) says:


    Is very affectionate, sweet,..

  18. Chantgirl says:

    So beautiful! Just love this version of the song and it melds so beautifully with all the pics you chose. Thank you!

  19. Sam says:

    Hello, from Germany!
    Es ist zauberhaft, was Du da produziert hast! Dankeschön!
    Tina ist so süß und ich bin sehr verliebt in sie. Ich würde sie auf Händen tragen, wäre sie meine Freundin. Bette hat sie nicht verdient. Ich mochte Bette noch nie. Ich finde ihren Charakter abscheulich. Sie mißachtet Menschen und benutzt sie für ihre Zwecke. Die bedient sich so wie sie es braucht. Kit hat das auch erkannt. Sie hält Bette das im Zelt auch vor Augen, nachdem herauskam, dass sie Jodi mit Tina betrogen hat. Bette is repugnant! Tina forever! Ich verstehe nicht,warum Tina zu ihr zurück geht? Anscheinend braucht sie so eine Beziehung; normal ist das aber auch nicht.
    Jedoch schauspielerisch ist Jennifer Beals die beste. Sorry, aber sehr anspruchsvoll sind die Szenen wirklich nicht. Man kann wirklich nicht von großartigen Schauspielerinnen sprechen und die L-Word-Geschichte ist auch sehr weit weg von der Realität. Wo gibt es so viele attraktive Lesben auf einmal, die in einem solchen Wohlstand leben? Mal ehrlich, die meisten Lesbos sehen doch aus wie Kerle. Ich bin auch lesbisch und etwas burschikos – ein Tomboy wie Shane. Die Lipstick-Lesben sind alle bisexuell; das ist meine persönliche Erfahrung. Laurel ja auch! Die brauchen zwischendurch immer mal wieder einen Typen. Die hast Du nie zu 100 %.In Germany haben sie nur die 1. Serie gezeigt, weil es niemand sehen wollte. Komplett durchgefallen!
    Sorry, I thought if some girls are writing in spanisch, I write in my language, because I can express my feelings and Impressions much better. Hope some of you will understand.

  20. Miriam says:

    hi everyone! i’m a huge italian Laurel’s fan and i know it’s too early but i want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LU!!! i can’t explain how much i love her!!!i think that “i got her under my skin” from the first time i saw her beautiful smile! i also want to thank Laurel’s mother for given her birth!!!probably she doesn’t know how wonderful gift is her daughter for us!!!
    thank you guys for this webpage….it’s really awesome and the video is great!!!
    congratulations ! 😉

  21. Sam says:

    My first big love, we´ve been together for 8 years, looks very similar to Laurel Holloman. Marie and me also have a child together like Tina & Bette. It´s not a Angelica, it´s a Alexia! Marie and me got a divorce. I miss Marie a lot. I just recognized that because of this video. Marie and Laurel are the same type. Maybe that´s the reason, why I felt in Love with Laurel/Tina so quickly and deep. It brought tears into my eyes…Sometimes memories are a pretty good thing. I was a Jerk that time! She left me, ´cause I cheated on her many, many times. Repugnant, I know now! That´s why I don´t like Bette and Shane. They remind me to myself. Anyway, thanks for the beautiful tribute.

    Hugs from Sam/Germany

  22. GIzem says:

    Hello !!!

    My name is Gizem and i live in Germany.

    I think it is to early to say

    But want to say HAPPY BIRDHTAY LU !!!!!!

    I Love you so much !!!!!!!!

    Your faithfully

    Gizem from Germany !!

    Kiss Kiss

  23. viviana says:

    Hello, and soon will be your birthday of venezuela and I’m your fan numero 1’re really an excellent actress’re fantastic fascinated me since the first chapter of the series l word.O jala some day come to Venezuela and know its natural beauty and all your fans you have.
    And as we say here in venezuela Happy Birthday to You TE disarm IT birthday LAUREL Kennard Happy Birthday to You !!!!!!

  24. viviana says:

    I hope that nose if you read this, but remember that we are fanatical in venezuela in the series THE L WORD and ahh as not to forget the great love of your life in this series clear Better porter good a pleasure to write these small lines for you and me Viviana name is your order

  25. Diana says:

    hola…!! de nuevo, el video esta bien bonito. laurel es una tremenda actriz. que bien recordar su trayectoria en su cumpleaños. felicidades para ella..!! y arriba tibette….!!

    in English
    Hello …!! Again, the video this one nice well. Laurel is a tremendous actress. That well to remember(remind) his(her,your) path in his(her,your) birthday. Congratulations for her(it) ..!! And it(he,she) arrives tibette ….!!

  26. Mary says:

    Hola!! Randy Dean es el personaje más cute and lovely que yo haya conocido y es mi preferido!
    Feliz Cumpleaños Lu 🙂

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