Are You Gonna?

Synner has created this superfun video that captures some of Laurel’s best moments as Tina over the last 5 years. A visual and sonic treat!

Synner is in a pre-med program, and her contribution to Project Laurel will be realized in a few years, when she volunteers with Doctors Without Borders. Until that time, this fantastic video is a gift for Laurel on May 23. 😀


9 Responses to Are You Gonna?

  1. Great job Synner! Love it!

  2. Hereden says:

    Good one

  3. 01XCI_UF says:

    fantastic video! I hope it is on youtube because I will want to save it

  4. katiegirl says:

    Great job Synner! And good luck with your studies!

  5. fall01 says:

    Synner…glad to see you found your way here! Great job…great tune!

    Good Luck in all you do going forward!

  6. M. Maria (Granada) says:

    Me encantas su ritmo trepidante y las imagenes elegidas de Laurel Holloman…. Felicidades y Gracias.

  7. k20001 says:

    Outstanding and thank you !

  8. murz says:

    I love it! She is funny, she is sexy, she is soo sexy when she is funny!

  9. Chantgirl says:

    Just love this! Funny, hot and great song!

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