From the Heart

This lovely tribute is a debut effort from 01xCI_UF.

What better occasion to spread those wings than Laurel’s birthday?


13 Responses to From the Heart

  1. murz says:

    01X, congratulation with debut!
    Your love for Laurel inspired you to make this amazing video and I hope you are no more hiding your creative talent. Don’t stop here, tbc, please.

  2. montjuic says:

    It is said “the 3rd one is the charm”. Mariah´s diva-ish voice overlaps her huskiness, just perfect for well-selected clips. A TK very well portrayed by LuH. A happy, pained, confused, free and inlove Tina all in one clip. Great vid.. Another vid to cherish at Laurel´s birthday. Felicidades 🙂 ~J

  3. sbc says:

    Congratz on the debut! well don x10 *claps* Thank you. This is another awesome way of gifting laurel for her birthday. xx

  4. Riley950 says:

    I like your video. I hope Laurel gets a chance to see it. Very nice touch.

  5. Chantgirl says:

    Great video debut 01x! And what a brilliant idea to put some of my favorite clips to the birthday song! *applause*

  6. Hereden says:

    Wow X10
    Great montage and good choice of the song.
    For a first attempt you you set the bar very high

    Thank you X10

  7. Tulips4U says:

    Terrific. That was a great idea and very well done!

  8. fall01 says:

    Standing and applauding for X10! Way to go Sista!

  9. katiegirl says:

    Great vid X10! Perfect song and great clips. Happy Birthday to Laurel. Wonderful tribute.

  10. egirl1999 says:

    Wow, x10, this is a great debut video from you. Guess Lu is really inspirational to makes you try your hand on doing a video, eh? Well, good on you, mate. Keep it up.

  11. MsQueer says:

    Congrats on this great debut X10! Love it. You’ve caught some great glimpses of our gal Lu! Thanks and keep it up!

  12. Beautiful video!! Great debut X10!!! Such beautiful clips of Lu!!! 🙂 Well done! Thank you for sharing!!

  13. DirtyDeals says:

    Awesome!! Birthday Gift…”The Greatest” just about sums it up!

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