Hearts a Thumpin’

This lovely birthday video for Laurel was made by forevatibette. She chose a great song, and also pays homage to an aspect of Laurel’s portrayal of Tina that many of us love so much.

šŸ˜€ We can’t wait to see what Season 6 has in store for Tina!


9 Responses to Hearts a Thumpin’

  1. Great job! Her facial expressions are priceless! No one portrays emotion like she does with her face!! Two thumbs up! Great song too!!!

  2. Hereden says:

    Nice and sweet

  3. 01XCI_UF says:

    a very pretty video šŸ™‚ good job

  4. Tulips4u says:

    I really liked this video. You chose a song with a good cheerful beat to it. Nice pictures of LuH (and expressions)!

  5. Kappa79 says:

    Thanks for putting this together…Our lady rulezzzzz

  6. Chantgirl says:

    Great job! I was totally thinking that this would be a great song to use, so glad you did.
    I love Laurel’s facial expressions…priceless!

  7. katiegirl says:

    Very nice! Great song choice. Laurel can say so much without saying a word.

  8. k20001 says:

    Wonderful vid.. body language, the facial expressions and those eyes…thank you for bringing it all together.

  9. DirtyDeals says:


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