Hurt So Good

This second offering from Hereden reminds us of the times our hearts broke for and with Tina, during her long journey back to wholeness.

It’s set to a haunting Arabic instrumental … a stirring reminder that TLW and Laurel’s work have reached so many corners of our world.


6 Responses to Hurt So Good

  1. 01XCI_UF says:

    Wonderful video and music. Laurel is such a great actress that everytimes Tina is sad, I feel the same way

  2. fall01 says:

    Someone give this woman an Emmy!

  3. murz says:

    After your “hot” video it’s so sad! My heart acheing for her every time I see Tina is so breaking. Very good video.

  4. OMG! I agree with Fall – someone give this woman an emmy!!!!! When her heart breaks, MINE breaks WITH her … Laurel is amazing!!!

    Great video Hereden!!!

  5. MsQueer says:

    Simply Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Such a powerful choice for the music, and the clips are so precise. You have an incredible talent. Thanks for gifting us! Your love of Laurel shows through! She’s amazing!

  6. Hereden says:

    Thanks everyone this is the link :

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