I Feel Love

We’re so happy to be hosting another debut video effort! This one is from Hereden. She actually made two birthday videos, each of them paying tribute to different aspects of Laurel’s role as Tina Kennard.

This first one illustrates why Laurel is our favorite L word.

We’re feeling the love, yes we are.


8 Responses to I Feel Love

  1. 01XCI_UF says:

    Is it HOT in here or is it just me? Awesome video Hereden!

  2. Tulips4U says:

    Fantastic video. Great job. I love it! Wonderful choice of music and scenes.

  3. murz says:

    Oh, Hereden, you did so great! You greeting us every morning with wonderful countdown pic of LuH and now you did even more amazing work!
    Thank you, I are very gifted.

  4. What a great video Hereden! Thank you so much for making this! You did amazing work!!!

    And I love your morning countdown pictures! Thank you for your talent!

  5. Chantgirl says:

    *applause* Great job Hereden! Awesome clips of Tina! *stares and stares and smiles giddily*

  6. MsQueer says:

    What a great job Hereden! Love the music and how you’ve caught the incredible diversity that Laurel brings to Tina! You go girl! Thaks for a wonderful treat! 🙂

  7. Ilona says:

    Great job! Can I download your video somehow to my PC?

  8. Hereden says:

    Thanks everyone this is the link in youtube:

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