In My Eyes

BetteandTinaForever has contributed a second beautiful and moving tribute video in celebration of Laurel’s birthday.

This video celebrates Laurel in her role as Tina on The L Word, and the moments captured here remind us of the many reasons why Laurel is our favorite L word.


12 Responses to In My Eyes

  1. murz says:

    Beautiful in OUR eyes, indeed!
    The brilliant idea with super realization.
    Splendidly! You again did the great video with so much love for Laurel, cordial thanks!

  2. Hereden says:

    So beautiful so sweet
    Thank you BetteandTinaForever

  3. Kappa79 says:

    Nice vid! Not hard to LOVE it!! Thanks for making it!

  4. OMG! Beautiful!! SO beautiful! Brought a tear to my eye! Thank you!

  5. Tulips4U says:

    That was wonderful and so very sweet. Thank you.

  6. Patty says:

    Hermoso video como siempre BetteandTinaForever 😀

    Feliz cumpleaños Laurel!!!

  7. katiegirl says:

    Beautiful. Thank you. What a wonderful tribute.

  8. k20001 says:

    Breathtaking moments and the sweetest song for the birthday girl. Thank you.

  9. DirtyDeals says:

    Lovely, A wonderful tribute befitting Laurel!
    Thank you for capturing all of our hearts!

  10. 01XCI_UF says:

    Nice video B&TF

  11. tlwfan says:

    Congratulations to your great videos! You always create something special.

    Happy birthday to our favourite actress, Laurel!

  12. montjuic says:

    Wow… In between beauty and madness is the perfection.. The song and video covered it all.. And for our birthday girl, you are indeed beautiful in our eyes, our madness on you will never fade thus the creation of this site which is more than perfect.. As the epilogue song is “Say it Right” and the video did it for all of us.. More power to LuH.. ~J

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