AliceH9 has created this sweet treat, as a birthday gift for Laurel.

Love. You. Yes we do.

Next: a new video maker says happy birthday.


22 Responses to Merr-ceh!

  1. murz says:

    WOW! Breathtaking! How beautiful Laurel is, I have no words, but your video said it all, thanks.

  2. 01XCI_UF says:

    That was a great video! I love the movie and the song is amazing. Loved how you put the pace of the photos to the music. And the ending was priceless and so true!

  3. Tulips4U says:

    That was incredible. What a nice tribute!

  4. superd says:

    GREAT VID!! wished the clips were a tad slower so I could’ve admired the lusciousness that is L!!

  5. OMG That was incredible! I love the way the pictures change with the beat of the music! And so many beautiful pics of Laurel! What a great tribute to her!! And yes, we do love you Laurel!!

  6. kpatty says:

    Precioso video, la selección de la musica y las imagenes son geniales!!, y el final..lo mejor! 😀

    Beautiful video, the selection of music and pictures are great!, And the end .. the best! : D

  7. montjuic says:

    Excellent, now it´s a 10 🙂 Thanking Luh for being herself is synonym of “how great person you are”. Every change of pics just goes with the drumbeat.. The music just describes how pretty LuH is inside and out. Loved LuH, love the vid, loved the production (@@)~J

  8. cloverleaf108 says:

    Wow, I have never seen some of the pics before. Very nicely done!

  9. MsQueer says:

    Awesome choice of pix and pacing with the music is perfect! Great tribute to our Lady Friend, Lu. You really captured her many diverse aspects! Thanks so much for sharing your love and talent!

  10. ldawn says:

    Awesome job and beautiful tribute to you Laurel……..thank you for the inspiration

  11. Chantgirl says:

    This was sooooo awesome! Love how it is edited to the beat of the music, but i am going to wear out my pause key trying to stop them and stare at all the gorgeousness. 🙂

    Thanks so much for making it!

  12. fall01 says:

    That video is on fire! YEAH!

  13. fablu says:

    I love this video. I love the song and the beats and words fit so perfectly with the fantastic images of Lu. Sweet!

  14. Bette&TinaForever says:

    wonderful choice of music and i loved the ending!!!

  15. M.Maria (Granada) says:


    Good job!! perfect music, perfect images and perfect idea for a birthday.

    (sorry my english is terrible).

  16. kc90north says:

    Simply amazing!

  17. larissa says:

    wonderful video!
    what a woman!who doesn’t love her?

  18. Sam says:

    I´m not that kind of person who falls quickly in and out of love, put to you I gave my affection right from the start…
    I love you so much, Tina/LU

  19. GIzem says:

    We love you !!!!!!!!

    *•.¸ ¸*•.¸*•.¸ ¸.•*¸.•*¸.•*¸.•*¸.•*
    «•*«•*♥ Laurel Holloman ♥•*»
    «•.*♥ Tina Kennard ♥*.•»
    ¸.•* ¸.•*¸.•* *•.¸*•.¸*•.¸*•.¸*•.¸

  20. Arianna from Mexico says:

    She is just so beautiful, hermosa. WOW

    I will never forget this video…and you are just great.

    Where did you get all the pictures?

  21. jenn123 says:

    That was amazing! Great job! It was great recalling all those scenes throughout the seasons. Great fun!

    Laurel is such a great actress!

  22. Mary says:

    Wow, wow, wow. I was just spellbound. My eyes were drying out because I just couldn’t blink, afraid I might miss a great picture-and they were ALL wonderful. Is there someplace you can have all the pictures so we can look at them a little more slowly? I think I saw a picture of her and her husband. Great job, loved the video.

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