She Bop!

UCLAGirl1986 has produced this fun, fabulous video for Laurel on her birthday.

Lu! She bop.

She do! 😀 In many different roles, too!


6 Responses to She Bop!

  1. UCLAGirl this is GREAT!! Made me very happy to see this morning! So sweet!

  2. katiegirl says:

    UCLAGirl …. good to have you back! This is so fun and sexy …. thank you!

    Happy Birthday Laurel!

  3. Chantgirl says:

    OMG!!! UCLAGirl!!! I completely adore this! Definitely one of my new favorite videos!
    Just brilliant and ohh so fun!

  4. 01XCI_UF says:

    what a great fun video!

  5. cloverleaf108 says:

    I love that you incorporate many of LuH’s scenes from her other movies. Fabulous!

  6. M.Maria says:

    ¡¡Un video super trabajado!! Felicidades… muy original y con mucha preparacion

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