She Got Them So

This fun birthday gift for Laurel comes from the UK, courtesy of Lizi_aka_BritishBombshell. It celebrates Laurel as Tina too, but with a unique little twist. 

This video tells the story of the effect Tina had – and in the case of one of them, still has – on two of the women in her life: Bette and Helena. She got them all hot and bothered … she got them so …

Suffice it to say, she got us so, too. 😀



7 Responses to She Got Them So

  1. 01XCI_UF says:

    Beautiful video

  2. Kappa79 says:

    Love the song.. you did a great job with showing how she made Bette and Helena fall for her….

  3. Hereden says:

    This is so beautiful
    great effort thumbs up

  4. Awesome video!! And yeah, she’s got all of us SOOOOOOOOOOOO … 😉

  5. Chantgirl says:

    Love this!!!

    Oh yeah, I am Soooooooo…………………….smitten!

    Move over Bette and Helena…..and Evie and Theo and all the other characters that Laurel has been partnered with, You’ve had your turns! 😉

  6. k20001 says:

    Great vid…love the perspective..just soooooo….right on!

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