So Beautiful

This lovely birthday gift is the second contribution from Sarahkb.

If all the artwork, commentary, good wishes, volunteer time, and especially the donations to Doctors Without Borders are any indication, then Sarah is absolutely right: Laurel indeed inspires. 😀


6 Responses to So Beautiful

  1. Tulips4u says:

    Very, very pretty. Pretty lady, pretty song.

  2. murz says:

    “…everything I hope so…” Yes, she is everything. I thought about it song when I did my b/day card because she IS beautiful to ME too, thank you

  3. Hereden says:

    beautiful and beautiful song
    a video full of love for Lu

  4. Very well done Sarah! Absolutely beautiful! (just like Laurel)

  5. 01XCI_UF says:

    “You are so beautiful…” that is so correct! Laurel is so beautiful, hot, sexy, gorgeous… ok let me stop 😀

  6. liz stroup says:

    I love this video–it so shows your (and our) love for Laurel. I loved your choice of pictures and am awed at your ability to sychronize them to the music. I”ve loved many of your other videos, but this is simply “amazing” as TK would say.

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