What You Are

This creative and beautifully edited birthday gift comes to us from Italy. It was made by the very talented Graerr.

Buon Compleanno, Laurel! 😀


11 Responses to What You Are

  1. Arianna from Mexico says:

    Nice vid, you are really good with the images.

    And well she is just lovely.

  2. Ilona says:

    Loved your video=)

  3. murz says:

    One of the best edited video, so great, TY! I even noticed some momemts which I didn’t see before

  4. katiegirl says:

    Very good! Thank you! I really enjoyed it.

  5. Ann says:

    I loved it…sooo cool!

  6. 01XCI_UF says:

    fantastic video! very original and creative

  7. Hereden says:

    Original, Unique, Artistic
    Great video GRAERR

  8. Maria says:

    Great video!

    Thank you!

  9. fall01 says:

    Pure Talent! Keep them coming through Season 6!


  10. cloverleaf108 says:

    Very creative piece of work. Well done! I had a chuckle when I saw Tina opening her Lu birthday card. Brilliant!

  11. Great job on the video!!

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