You Make Me Smile

We’re so happy that the debut video effort of another fan, TiBette_Fan_17, is this sweet birthday gift to Laurel.

A lovely gift, indeed!


7 Responses to You Make Me Smile

  1. katiegirl says:

    Beautifully done. A lovely gift.

  2. Tulips4U says:

    That is very, very nice. I love the choice of song and the pictures. A great gift for Laurel.

  3. 01XCI_UF says:

    Great choice of song and the pictures were just HOT HOT HOT

  4. k20001 says:

    Wonderful vid, great pix and song so worthy of the tribute to the inspirational birthday girl.

  5. murz says:

    Lovely vid! Your love for Laurel is feeling in every shot, great choose of pic and music.

  6. MsQueer says:

    Very nice job!Yes, your love of Lu definitely shows through in this video! Thanks for another wonderful gift for our gal’s birthday!

  7. joror says:

    Happy Birthday Laurel, you are my favorite Actress, Thank’s for be a wonderfull person, love.

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