The First Time …

Slurpee has created this lovely video as a birthday gift for Laurel.

Whether we first encountered Laurel as Randy, or met her as Tina many years later, this video has something for all of us to enjoy. πŸ˜€


14 Responses to The First Time …

  1. fall01 says:

    I’ve always loved this song…timing was great in this vid! Salute Slurpee!

  2. Tulips4u says:

    That was wonderful, Slurpee. I love the song. I love Laurel’s portrayal of Tina.

  3. Hereden says:


  4. Ann says:

    So beautiful….loved the subject of the video…I think the song is perfect for Tina and Lu…great job!

  5. murz says:

    WOW, very emotional video! TeeLu is so beautiful ad her smile meltinmg me every time. You done it super good!

  6. Slurpee – GREAT JOB!! Love the song …

  7. BEATRIZ says:

    just i loved everything she does,i love your smile your face your great and perfect,when i wacht you show its like my vitamins i need it every single day,my best wishes for you always,love you

  8. 01XCI_UF says:

    Love the video! LuH is HOT

  9. liz stroup says:

    Dear Slurpee, This is the most beautiful tribute to Laurel I have ever seen. You are a gifted video creator!
    I came across a recent video on Youtube entitled: Jennifer Beals and Laurel Holloman Debut Trailers ( which alternates scenes of much younger Jennifer and Laurel from Flashdance & the Incredible Adventures of Two Girls in Love. Could you use your great talent to do a new edition of this video? The music and cuts selected could be improved, as well as adding an ending that shows our current TIBETTE entwined. Thanks so much. liz stroup

  10. Michele says:

    Beautiful birthday present, Slurpee. Excellent!

  11. Mary says:

    You did a fantiastic job with this video. I have always loved this song and it is so appropriate for our love of Laurel. I thank Laurel for making Tina so real for all of us. I just love Laura’s smile, the way she walks, the way she laughs or smiles, and just everything about her. I wish her all the best in her future projects. This video shows what superb acting she has done on the show -LOVE HER !!

  12. Mary says:

    You did an excellent job on this one. I have always loved this song and with LuH it was so perfect. I was smiling all the way through this one. You have picked many of her special looks and smiles that would make anyone melt. Laurel is just has that wonderful beauty you can’t get enough of. What a fine tribute to a wonderful actor and mom. Love you Laurel.

  13. petra says:

    waaaaw, waaaaw, waaaw, love this woman ad this video is wonderful… πŸ™‚

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