Too Sexy!

Over on Our Chart, kdblover posed the question: Could Laurel Get Any Sexier?! Each week during S5, the answer was apparently a resounding yes. 😀

In her third birthday video, Hereden adds her tribute Sexy Tina.

So sexy it hurts!



8 Responses to Too Sexy!

  1. 01XCI_UF says:

    Hereden, that was a very good video. I was going to do one on this song but opted instead the Hot Stuff song

  2. murz says:

    Bravo, Hereden! I love all your work, you are always do a right choose – with music, with caps and pics

  3. ::applauding:: Great job Hereden!!! Perfect clips…Who knew that just watching her walk would be such a turn on? LOL

  4. k20001 says:

    Great vid, just puts a smile on your face !

  5. DirtyDeals says:

    THUD….. that’s Tee/Lu alright!

  6. Hereden … wonderful! You showed to Tina … the Laurel that both love ….

    I love his work.

  7. Arianna from Mexico says:

    Hereden that was wow I am speechless. She is so hot,OH god, I need a bag or something I think that I am drooling.

    So Good.

  8. Hereden says:

    Thanks everyone this is the link:

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