Honoring Laurel’s Fan Communities

May 24, 2009

… who have done so much in the spirit of friendship and generosity, in celebration of Laurel’s birthday.

  • The women of Xandra’s Place, many formerly from OC … who counted down to Laurel’s birthday for 365 days … with humor, grace, and lots of beauty.
Laurels birthday

Laurel's birthday

This birthday graphic was made by Hereden. She shared countdown duties with KMo, Holly, Yersinia, Xandra and several others throughout the year.

  • The women of Laurel Holloman Online, who devised a clever and outrageously fun L Word Trivia Game for all to participate in … all to raise money for Doctors Without Borders.

The video above was made by Keesha, to celebrate the friendships made there.

  • Laurel’s amazing Chinese fans, who spent 6 months working together to create an incredible e-Book as a gift for her on her birthday … it can be downloaded here. They posted the link to their work at LaurelHolloman.net … at the birthday wishes thread here.


New Donation Page for DWB

May 24, 2009

LaurelHolloman.net has set up a new donation page for fans to donate to Doctors Without Borders … it is also on Firstgiving.com, and can be found here.

Now fans have a second option of where to go to support DWB. Give early … give often! 😀

Happy Birthday, Laurel!

May 23, 2009

This birthday card was designed by a sweet young European fan, Synnie … and we wholeheartedly echo the sentiments expressed. 😀

We wish you the happiest of birthdays, Laurel! Thank you for showing such grace, onscreen and off … and for your generosity and support of the communities that have grown as a result of your work. We hope you have a wonderful birthday, surrounded by your family and friends.

The last of Hereden‘s amazingly beautiful birthday countdowns …

And some lovely birthday videos made by fans …

From Swatsup

By LinnJB:

By Lostinureyez00:

Please leave your birthday wishes here! 😀

Address for Fan Mail and Birthday Cards

May 21, 2009

LaurelHolloman.net and Laurel’s management have clarified that fan mail … and birthday cards … may now be sent to Laurel at the following address:

Laurel Holloman
c/o The Gersh Agency
232 N Canon Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
United States

Happy mailing! 😀

Continuing Our Support for Doctors Without Borders

April 28, 2009

To celebrate Laurel’s birthday this year, we are encouraging fans to donate once again to Doctors Without Borders, in whatever amounts they can afford, no matter how large or small.

As a thank you to the fans for their support, Laurel Holloman Online is donating a number of signed photographs, including:

  • 1 photograph of Laurel with Jennifer Beals, signed by both (Jennifer signed it with the word “happiness” … sweet!) ;
  • 1 photograph of Laurel with Rachel Shelley, signed by both;
  • 1 signed photograph of Laurel;
  • 1 signed photograph of Rachel Shelley; and
  • 1 L Word CD signed by Kate Moennig. 

Everybody who donates during April, May and June, however big or small the donation, will be entered into a draw for the above prizes. Please give to this very worthwhile organization, and wish Laurel a happy birthday. 😀

Please click here to make a secure donation to DWB today.

Project Laurel for Doctors Without Borders

October 17, 2008

Although Laurel’s birthday has passed for this year, fundraising for Doctors Without Borders continues. The need is greater than ever. We encourage everyone to continue donating through Firstgiving’s secure Laurel Holloman Online page.

Those who donate in the month of October 2008 have a special chance to win one of two art works created by a very generous artist. Preview these beautiful pieces here and here.

Our thanks and appreciation to all the fans who continue to support this amazing organization. 😀

A Birthday Tribute to Laurel Holloman

April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Laurel!

We just wanted to express our deeply held admiration for your talent as an actress. We thank you for giving us so much pleasure and joy while watching you on the big and small screen, and – for those lucky few – the New York stage. Thank you for all the memorable characters you have brought to life so far with such delicacy and power: Randy, Samantha, Laurie, Justine, and Tina, to name but a few.

Thank you, Laurel, for being so gracious with your fans. Thank you for being dedicated to The L Word, and for your numerous appearances at book signings, events, and conventions. Thank you for being an advocate for the gay community. Thank you for your efforts to support humanitarian causes that help those less fortunate, benefit all of us in the long run, and really do make the world a better place.

We wish you the best on your birthday, and every day. We wish you and your family well. We wish you the best in whatever acting, advocacy, or other projects you undertake now and in the future. We will be there supporting and applauding you.

The section entitled “For Laurel” contains the full text of our tribute. We invite all of Laurel’s fans to contribute their own words, artwork, music, photos, and/or videos to this birthday blog. Any contribution, no matter how large or small, is always welcome!

To add your birthday wishes for Laurel, please click on the word ‘comments’ at the top of this post. You can also click here.